Mike Montgomery Press Conference Quotes

Feb. 23, 2010


California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On Arizona
Well, they beat us last time, and Wise had 30. He did a great job. We didn't handle pick and rolls very well, so we're going to have to contain him. You can't let anyone get big numbers against you. He's a veteran, he's a senior and he's playing great. I think Arizona's playing very well. Obviously, so is Arizona State, based on the fact that they went in there and beat them on Sunday.
They run good motion, they're young in some ways but they've got a very good idea of what they're doing. I think Kevin Parrom does a good job providing a defensive presence and some toughness. Obviously, Derrick Williams is a really good strong post guy, and then they've got the two shooters Kyle Fogg and Jamelle Horne, so they're a good basketball team. I think Sean's (Miller) done a real good job with them.

On Nic Wise
He's capable of putting big numbers up, what you don't want him to do is to get big numbers and also make his teammates better, and that's what he's capable of doing. He's really good off pick and rolls. He split it a number of times, he got to the basket, he dropped off, he kicked to shooters; he just did a great job. We have to do a better job than that than we did last time on him. Looking back, it seemed like we didn't play with a lot of energy in that game and that's something that, from here on out, we've got to be able to do.

On Derrick Williams
He's got a real good sense of where he is. He finishes around the basket. He's not an overly big center, but he's really good around the basket. He can face you up a little bit and drive by you. He does a good job off pick and rolls. They do a good job of finding him and making sure he gets some low-post touches. He's a go-to guy at the low post. He's capable of passing out of it but he's also capable of creating some foul issues.

On the importance of the games this weekend
You address it, but it doesn't become the overriding thing. We have to win at home. If we'd have played these games in early January, they would have had the same significance. Home games are critical, and now they're more critical because you're down to the last, for us, three games. Sure you address it, its just a matter of finishing off the job at home, but you also try to talk about us and what we need to do and how we have to play rather than become overly consumed.

On being on the verge of winning the Pac-10 regular season championship
I don't really spend a lot of time with that. The game by game by game thing is what I focus on. We have to beat Arizona and that's at the forefront of my mind right now. I'm not worried too much about the overall picture. I think that's for later on. I think the seniors have responded well to what we've asked them to do and we haven't always been totally satisfied with our efforts some time or some of the other things, but they've hung in there and done a pretty good job.

On if the seniors' legacy be defined by whether or not they win the Pac-10
I think that at this point in time they've defined themselves as good basketball players that have obviously all put up some numbers individually at one time or another. I think their futures are pretty well determined as to what's going to happen at this point for them. I think the thing that people would remember, if we were able to stay on top of this things, is that this is the group that did that. It would make it a little more special. We're looking at global things, and I'm thinking more in terms of day to day.

On his thoughts about the people who feel like the Pac-10 should only get one team in the NCAA Tournament
They've got a tough job. Recognizing how important the media is, we've got so many people that have to write something now that it's just pouring out. I think the issue happened early on when, in November and December, we had some bad losses in the league, and once that happened, it pretty much wrote us off. You're never going to get that back because once you get into league you've got no one to play that gets it back. We play each other.
So you pretty much earn your reputation on a national basis in November and December, and we had some bad losses. Now you get into January and February and you play each other and if you lose to one of those people, all of a sudden it's just, `how'd you lose to them?' That's what's happened. We've been fortunate the last few years to get six, and that's pretty good. That's set a new deal for the Pac-10. It used to be we could count on getting four, that was kind of the norm, and I think that this year its going to be tough to get four. All I can tell you is that going out and playing these people in this conference, it's hard. Until you've gone around this league and played, I don't think people really appreciate that.

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