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Feb. 24, 2010

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What a weird weekend.

San Diego, gorgeous place: when it's not POURING! It was worse than Seattle rain, because at least in Seattle everyone has a preconceived notion that it will just pour on them, but come on San Diego! Let's get it together! Two rainouts?!?!?! Geez, Louise. Seattle has a better rep than you do.

Alright, now that I have done my weather venting.

We had some ups and down this weekend. Most of us are all still trying to find our swings and establish what this team will be about this year. Already we have seen a lot of pop out of some bats more than others but that's what the beginning of the year is about.

Yes, we lost a game, our first of the season. And once again, an old teammate of mine decides to go yard (Kelley Kaneshiro, who was actually on my very first softball team ever that was coached by my pops when I was 9) but I wasn't too worried because I knew we'd make a comeback...we just ran out of innings. But the key take away from that game is that we did continue to score runs even after we had lost the lead, which proves that we are a team that won't give up, but we also can't wait too long to score. An approach that we will continue to have is to score every inning. And the more important approach is a get `em on, get `em over, get `em in mentality, which is how we are going to be successful in scoring and manufacturing our runs (that and the long ball apparently).

So after that loss we had to bounce back 20 minutes later and devour a UCSB team that at first was looking like it was going to be a tough one, but at the end of the day, we walked out early with the eight-run rule in the books, which is always a nice treat for the pitchers.

The next day we were supposed to play Western Kentucky, but since the rain came and there was no tarp on the field, all of the games were pushed back and some were even cancelled. So the only game we played was against the host San Diego State University, who's always scrappy and looking to upset. The park was packed (with a lot of purple, as a matter of fact) and the hecklers decided to make an appearance. Those are always fun. Danielle once again found a way to get the job done herself by hitting like her 20th jack of the season (with help from the 'Melissa' cheer). Later in the game, my fellow Auburnite (Amanda Fitzsimmons) went in to pinch-hit, had a great at-bat, and then wound up fouling a ball off of her face, which inevitably required her to get six stitches in her bottom lip, poor little woo. But the silliest part was that our trainer, who was obviously sprinting from one end of the dugout out to Fitz, ate it BIG TIME out of the dugout which received a mix of reactions from the crowd and dugout with sounds of giggles and laughter, but since we weren't sure if Fitz still had a grill, which thank goodness she did, we kind of had to hold it back. The best part is that she fell, and then proceeded to look back at us, laugh a bit and crawl a little bit to Fitz. It may have actually helped her get there faster since she literally FLEW out of the dugout. Aaaaand we won five-zip. (Amanda is ok, by the way, just got a fat lip...and lisp, which makes her seem like even more of a camel than before, but she is such a tough little trooper.)

Sunday we were ready to go against Penn State, a team we went back and forth with in a game last preseason that had a final score of like 14-13. Well, the start to this one was the exact opposite. It was definitely a pitchers duel from the beginning...which had to be left at that because we only got three innings in before the storm came. Oh, get this. So it started to rain, and here at UW we would have had the tarp on in like two minutes flat, but in San Diego, rain is so foreign that it took 25 minutes to get the tarp on, then a half-hour later it took 15 minutes to take it off and then it started pouring again but by the time the tarp was put back on, the field was ruined and could probably not have been fixed well enough to even be playable anyway. So while the clouds continued to roll by, and blue sky and sunshine graced us with their presence, we had to go home (to a beautiful and sunny Seattle) because the field was drowning. To be clear: I'm not trying to dis on SDSU's tarping skills or anything, because I know that must have been annoying to put the tarp on, then take the tarp off, and yadda yadda all while barefoot and in their uniforms. I'm just saying... Morgan is afraid that their tarping is giving a bad name to Californians everywhere, hahahahhaahah!!

I think what we need is for Glasoe to eat a bug. He hasn't gone Man vs. Wild on us in a while and I think that will help us out a bit.

So what: we lost. But that's what happens. You win some, you lose some, but you ALWAYS learn from your losses. Plus, everyone knows you don't win a World Series in February.

Like Rafiki says to Simba: 'It doesn't matter, it's in the past, the past can hurt. But, the way I see it, you can either run from it...or learn from it.'

I just love quoting wise cartoon characters.

Woof woof!

Love, 20

P.S. We had a very popular 'would you rather' question this weekend, inspired from an episode of Wife Swap: would you rather stare at the sun every morning for eight minutes in order to get all the energy you would need for the day or inhale cow dung whenever you were feeling hungry and you just continue to do that until you felt full.

P.P.S. By the time I write my next blog, I will be a 22-year-old woman...whoa whoa wee whoa.

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