State Farm Pac-10 Women's Basketball Tournament: Day 1

March 11, 2010

Oregon State vs. Washington

Day one is now over at the Galen Center and what a day it has been.

After seeing a comeback fall short, another comeback may be one for the record books.

Ten seed Oregon State trailed by as many as 18 points in the first half, shot a disappointing 36.8 percent from the field and turning the ball over 13 times, the Beavers were on the verge of being swept by the Huskies for the season. Fortunately for the Beavers, games have two, 20-minute halves.

'I felt like my team showed a lot of resilience tonight,' said Oregon State coach LaVonda Wagner. 'We were not going to leave that floor without giving them a fight and we did that.'

Leading Oregon State to the win was Julie Futch's 17 points and Haiden Plmer's 14 points. Defensively the Beavers were led by Kirsten Tilleman's 11 rebounds.

The second half may have belonged to the Beavers, but it was a strong first half showing by Washington that made a win for the Huskies seem certain. Washington came into tonight's game with some momentum after beating Oregon State at home last weekend and showed it during the first half. The Huskies came out with guns blazing as they jumped out to a 12-0 lead and finished the half with shooting 43.5 percent from the field. Yet once Oregon State got on a roll, it seemed like there was nothing Washington could do to overcome the Beavers' energy of the second half.

'It's a tough one because we've done so many things this year to progress as a team and contnue to get better, so this is a tough note to end on,' said Washington coach Tia Jackson.

Washington was led by Sami Whitcomb's 13 points.

Oregon State my have lost the battle against Washington during the season, but with the win tonight, they won the war for the season and are facing two seed UCLA tomorrow at 7:15 pm.

Final score: Oregon State 52, Washington 42.

More after the post game press conferece.

We are now in the home stretch of tonight's games with less than a minute left in the present game.

After trailing at halftime, the Beavers are seconds away from advancing to tomorrow's quarterfinal game against second seed UCLA.

Oregon State leads 51-42.

Stay tuned.

We are in the final minutes of the game and Oregon State's lead just keeps building.

The Beavers are have a nine-point lead and staying very focused in this second half. If they can keep this up for the rest of the game, we will have our first upset of the tournament.

Oregon State leads 47-38 with four minutes left in the game.

Stay tuned.

We are well into the second half and it looks like Oregon State had a pretty impressive halftime pep talk.

After taking a brief lead and losing it, Oregon State just tied up the score at 36.

Add to that a Beaver steal by Julie Futch and a shooting foul against Washington that will send Oregon Stae to the free-throw line after the time out and Oregon State could start building a lead of their own.

There's 10:40 left in the game and we are even at 36.

Stay tuned.

In a twist of fate, Oregon State has turned this game around and has pulled within two at halftime.

The Beavers only shot 36.8 percent from the field, but by out-rebounding Washington 17-9, they are sill in it.

Halftime score: Washington 24, Oregon State 22

Stay tuned.

Just like in last game, in tonight's second game we have some Pac-10 star sightings.

Oregon State is represented by Haiden Palmer on the All-Pac-10 Freshman Team while Washington is represented by Sami Whitcomb on the All-Pac-10 Team.

Washington continues to lead 24-13 with 5:02 left in the half.

Stay tuned.


Now well into the first half, tonight's second game is already very one-sided.

Seven seed Washington (12-16 and 7-11) has jumped out to a 12-2 lead in the first eight minutes over 10th seed Oregon State (10-19 and 2-16).

The Huskies are led by senior Sami Whitcomb's 13 points per game and sophomore Kristi Kingma's 9.4 rebounds per game. The Beavers are led by senior Julie Futch's 13 points per game and sophomore Kirsten Tilleman's double-doubles of 10 points and 14 rebounds.

There's 11:25 left to play in the half.

Stay tuned.

WSU vs. Arizona

The second game in tonight's double header is about to start,but before we get into the Oregon State vs. Wahington first round game, here are a few final thoughts on tonight's first game.

With this win, Arizona has now swept WSU for the season. Arizona was led by Soana Lucet's 22 points. Other key performances for the Wildcats tonight came from Davellyn Whyte's 13 points and eight rebounds and Ify Ibekwe's  double-double of 14 points and 10 rebounds. Ibekwe is a two-time All-Pac-10 team honoree.

'I am proud of our group as they came out, responded, took the challenge they knew were going to have with WSU,' said Arizona coach Niya Butts.

WSU's season came to an end tonight, but not without a fight. During the final few minutes of the game the Cougars made a solid comeback attempt, yet time was not on their side. WSU was led by April Cook's 18 points.

Arizona will face Stanford tomorrow at 1:15 pm.

There's less than a minute to play and thanks to a three-point shot by WSU's Rosie Tarnowski, the Cougars are far from out of this game. Instad, Arizona only leads by two and WSU has the ball and may get the last shot.

WSU did get one more shot with a jumper from KiKi Moore, but as quickly as the ball went in the basket, it popped right out the rim.

Arizona just shot and missed a solo free-throw.

There's now 3.5 seconds left to play and WSU called time-out after getting possesion of the ball.

WSU was able to in-bound the ball, but with such little time on the clock, all they could get off was a hail Mary shot that did not go in.

Final score: Arizona 62, WSU 60.


It's down to the final minutes and WSU is not giving up without a fight.

The Cougars are starting to follow their shots more and getting some second chance shooting opportunities.

Arizona leads 62-57 with 1:44 left in the game.

Stay tuned.

We have less than 5 minutes in the game and Arizona's grasp on the lead continues to be pretty strong.

WSU is fighting back with some long range shots as fired off by sophomores April Cook and Jazmine Perkins. However it is the dominance of the boards by Arizona that is keeping them ahead. Arizona is out-rebounding WSU 39-29

Arizona currently leads 60-55 with 3:34 left in the game.

Stay tuned.

The second half has started and despite having stepped-up their effort, WSU is still down by 10 points.

Arizona is controlling this game with some serious rebounding efforts. The Wildcats are controlling the boards 29-17.

Arizona is up 41-31 with 15:14 left in the game.

Stay tuned.

It's halftime and Arizona is holding onto the lead at 33-27.

The Wildcats are shooting 46.9 percent from the field while the Cougars are struggling at 33.3 percent. Leading the Wildcats in the first half are Soana Lucet with 12 points and Davellyn Whyte with six rebounds.

More to come after the break.

Stay tuned.

With its close proximity to Hollywood, stars are all around us. However it is the stars present in this game that are moe interesting.

Both teams in this first game are represented in the recently released All-Conference Honors.

From WSU there is freshman KiKi Moore on the All-Freshman Team. From Arizona there is freshman Davellyn Whyte who is on both the All-Freshman Team and All-Pac-10 Team. Moore currently has seven points and two rebounds while Whyte has recorded ninepoints and leading her teammates with six rebouds.

Arizona leads WSU 32-22 with 2:03 left in the first half.

Stay tuned.

After two time-outs and Arizona increasing their lead to 15-3, WSU is fighting back. The Cougars are starting to close the gap despite having six turnovers so far.

Arizona leads WSU 19-15 with 7:08 left in the first half.

Stay tuned

The warm-ups are over and it's time for the announcement of the starting line-ups. Here are the starters for this first game:


April Cook - G

Katie Madison - F 

Jazmine Perkins - G

KiKi Moore - G

Carly Noyles - F


Davellyn Whyte - G 

Ify Ibekwe - F

Ashley Frazier - G

Amanda Pierson - F

Soana Lucet - F

We are at our first time out and Arizona leads WSU 4-3 with 15:58 left to play in the first half.

Los Angeles, Calif. - After a clear, crisp and sunny day in LA it's show time at USC's Galen Center as the Pac-10 Women's Basketball Tournament kicks off tonight. We have two first round games on tonight's schedule. First off is a meeting between eight seed Arizona (13-16 and 6-12) and nine seed Washington State (8-21 and 3-15).

Arizona comes into tonight's game after being swept last weekend while in Los Angeles to face UCLA and USC. These Wildcats are led by freshman Davellyn Whyte (16 ppg) and senior Ify Ibekwe (11.3 rpg). Arizona swept the series against Washington State during the regular season.

Washington State split home games against Oregon and Oregon State last weekend. The Cougars are led by sophomores April Cook (13.8 ppg) and Jazmine Perkins (six rpg). We are 30 minutes away from the first tip-off. Stay tuned!


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