Blogging With Zafiros #1

March 17, 2010

Hey everyone this is Jason reporting from the beautiful city of San Diego.  My team and I just took off from the best college town in the world, Tucson, Ariz.  Personally I have never seen the airport as crowded in my life.  The security line was so long people had to almost be outside the airport to wait to get through the line.  While waiting in line I was tuning in on what people were talking about and I heard some pretty entertaining things.  One group of three girls were discussing their Mexico plans saying that there goal was to not remember the trip, I felt like saying what’s the point of that, but instead I told them good luck in Mexico. 

Anyway the team and I had different plans than Mexico we were heading to San Diego to take care of business on the tennis courts against San Diego and San Diego State.   After the quick flight we went to the courts at USD and got a good hit in.  I was on the court with fellow teammate Andres Carrasco and we had a nice battle with me coming out on top 23-21 in a baseline game.  On Friday Coach Berkowitz took a few of us to the beach. Geoff Embry and I were the only ones who decided to go in the 40 degree ocean.  My reasoning was that you live life once so why not jump in. 

The next morning it was go time for University of Arizona vs. University of San Diego.  We started off strong and won the doubles point early.  To win the doubles point you have to win two out of three of the doubles matches.  Now all we needed was to win three out of the six singles matches.  The guys fought hard and we won the match 5-1 so it was a solid day at the office. 

On Sunday we were going to go to SeaWorld but I guess it was cheaper to go to the movies instead.  We saw “She’s out of my League.” It was pretty good.   After the movie, I wanted to watch ESPN because the brackets were being released for the NCAA basketball tourney.  It was disappointing not to see us in the tourney, but next year we should be in no problem.  We all went to bed pretty early because we knew we would have a grind against SDSU and we needed to be ready. 

The coaches stressed to us that we needed to try and have some fun out there because lately we have been a little bit to intense.  We did just that and put a 5-2 victory on the board for the Cats.  This weekend was a really positive weekend for us because we finally all came together and played great tennis.  If you don’t know the Arizona Tennis team here is one thing you should know: We are a family.  We do everything together and I don’t believe there is a closer team in the country then ours.  So it’s really an unbelievable feeling being on the road with these guys.  It’s even more amazing when you pick up two road wins along the way. 

As I’m writing this we are on the plane on our way to Alabama to play in an exclusive tournament called the Blue/Grey Tennis Classic.  Apparently the flight attendants like my crazy hair since they touched my hair both times they’ve walked by.  I mean I know my hair is interesting but that’s just over the top.  Also I’m sitting next to my assistant coach (Tom Lloyd) and he’s wearing a bright green shirt.  I asked why that was and he answered saying that tomorrow was St. Patrick’s Day.  I don’t understand why he’s wearing green today then.  He told me not to worry about it that he was a leader not a follower.  Anyway I need to try to get some reading done on this flight I forgot there was something called school.  I’m out for now but will be back and report from Alabama.

Bear Down and Go Cats!!!!

Yours Truly,

Jason Z

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