Inside the Locker Room: By Alyssa Brown

March 23, 2010

STANFORD, Calif. - Hey SWG fans!

Sunday morning SWG piled into the bus, all relieved that finals were behind us. We were excited for the meet against Davis and fired up for the day. After a long mentally and physically tough week with final exams, SWG proved just how tough we are. For the last meet before Pac-10s, we hoped to come out with a big away score.

Shelley started off the day on bars with her usual clean lines. This was followed by an exciting routine by Peach, who nailed her dismount. Jenny finished off the rotation with another stuck dismount and a personal best on bars! The team left bars with excitement and confidence. We then moved to our next event, vault, where we achieved one of our highest team totals of the season. The highlights of the rotation were CJ and Weedge. It was inspiring to watch two seniors perform two of the best vaults of their careers. After an inspirational vault rotation, we were even more excited to tackle our best event, floor. T as usual defied gravity with her sky high tumbling and Amo proved to be a competitor performing an impressive 9.9 routine! You could feel the energy rising as we headed to beam for the final rotation! Unfortunately beam proved to be an obstacle on our road to 197-plus. We had to count a fall, but T and CJ remained calm, performing incredible routines. A special shout out to T, who performed on beam for the first time in four years, looking like a veteran!

Although the team was slightly disappointed with our beam performance, there were many highlights to drawn on from the meet. We are excited to put all of our focus and effort into the gym, as we rest our minds from school work during the spring break. Thank you again for checking in!