Dickinson Recounts Freakish Accident

March 31, 2010

Husky junior golfer Karinn Dickinson caught up with GoHuskies.com after suffering a strange golf course mishap on Sunday, March 28. She was struck and pinned between two golf carts before the final round of the Longhorn Invitational and was forced to withdraw from the tournament. Before the accident, Dickinson was playing some of her most consistent golf of the season. She currently is second on the team with a scoring average of 75.61 strokes per round. She is expected to fully recover and be back in the lineup soon. Here is Dickinson's version of what happened Sunday and some tidbits on the season.

GoHuskies.com: Describe what happened to you.
Karinn Dickinson:
It was a shuttle shotgun so they were going to shuttle us out to our holes. I put my bag on the back of the cart where the gentleman was going to take me out to the hole. I put my bag down then turned around and I was standing there talking to the players and all of a sudden someone in another cart hit the accelerator and slammed into my shin. It pinched me there for a good -- it felt like forever -- but probably like 10, 20 seconds.

GoHuskies.com: What was going through your head when that happens?
It was more like 'Get it off of me,' at first I just thought it was an easy bump but then I realized it hurt a lot more. I wanted the pain to go away, that was all.

GoHuskies.com: On your way to the hospital, your mind must have been racing through 'what if's?'
I knew nothing was broken. They told me nothing was broken they just wanted to take some x-rays to make sure there was no other damage. I was bummed that it happened because I really wanted to play. I had already warmed up and I was ready to get going and then all of a sudden I just can't play. It was something I wanted to do but I think everything happens for a reason.

GoHuskies.com: What is the official diagnosis for you?
My right shin has a tibia contusion.

GoHuskies.com: What is the recovery rate for that injury?
They said it depends how well you take care of it, how well you ice it and keep it raised. He said I will be back in three days and able to walk but not to put any extra pressure on it for another week. I can putt but I can't swing for a week. We leave in 10 days [to the Lady Sun Devils Invitational].

GoHuskies.com: Okay, let's talk golf. You were shooting pretty well, the team was struggling but you were in the top 25. So I imagine it was frustrating to not be able to see how you would have finished in that tournament.
Yes, very true. It's a tough one.

GoHuskies.com: How is your game going right now?
I'm hitting the ball very well it is just frustrating because I wasn't scoring since I wasn't doing well with my putting. I worked hard the night before putting in the hotel room so I was ready to putt well but I never really got to see what would have happened.

GoHuskies.com: Looks like you'll have time to work on your putting now!

GoHuskies.com: Where do you feel this team stands now as Pac 10's quickly approach?
We stand strong, this injury is just a little setback, maybe I just took one step back to take two steps forward. Heading into Pac 10's we just need to figure out what to work on, so we will work on it and then come out stronger.

GoHuskies.com: What do you guys need to work on?
We need to work on not worrying about outcomes, just if we hit a bad shot we need to decide 'is it good enough?' We need to not worry about what other people think. This team sometimes thinks too much about what outside people think of us so we just need to focus on scoring, really.

GoHuskies.com: Have you guys set new team goals heading into the last couple of weeks?
No, we didn't really set any new goals. We just got back and get to have the day off, tomorrow we have practice and we'll get together as a team and talk everything out.

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