Meet Kevin Cummings

April 6, 2010

Coming to Oregon State after earning gold by beating Canada with the Junior National Team, freshman Kevin Cummings brings with him a passion to learn on and off of the field. Holding a spot on the Dean's List in 2008 and 2009, he's bringing that drive for knowledge onto the football field and hopes to become a key role in the receiver position as a deep threat player.

How was the transition from High School to Oregon State?

'Its a big difference, my high school was really small (about 300 kids) so it was way different coming here. This is a small city though with friendly people so it wasn't too bad. As far as school it's been pretty much the same. I've always been big on academics so it hasn't been too much of a change for me. The football atmosphere is just crazy. It's totally different than high school, a big jump but it has been fun and I've been fitting in.'

Is it difficult to juggle school and football?

'Not too much because of the study tables and the time they give us to do our homework. I've had a chance to study and get all my homework in and then we have tutors if we need it so it hasn't been too bad.'

How was it getting to prove yourself in the first spring practice of the year?

'It was big. I'm brand new coming in and they haven't seen me do very much so it was important for me to come in and show them that I can play with everybody. It was really good for me to get everyone on my side and show them that I can play.'

What's it like playing for Coach Riley?

'It's good. He's a really good guy and a really good coach. I haven't had very much interaction with him since I've been here, but every time I've talked to him he's given me really good pointers and encourages me. He's a great person to be around.'

What role do you see yourself playing in the Oregon State football program?

'Right now I'm just trying to fit in and learn everything, but once I figure everything out I think I'll play a big role in the receiver position, a deep threat player. I feel like once I get everything down I'll be a really important attribute.'

What does having an athletic scholarship mean to you?

'It means a lot. It has given me opportunities. As far as grades I would have been able to get into a good college, but as far as paying for it, I don't think I could have come to a big college like Oregon State and especially going out of state. Having an athletic scholarship is good because it also has given me opportunities for my academics.'

How was it playing for the USA Junior National Football teams in high school?

'It was fun. All the guys were the best in their area so for all of us to come together and take in the coaching was really cool. Meeting people from New Zealand, China and all over, was just crazy. It was really fun meeting everyone and the football part of it was fun.'

Do you have a most memorable athletic moment?

'It would have to be the USA game -- scoring a touchdown in the championship game. I only had two catches, but one of them happened to be a touchdown so that would have to be the best one.'

Do you have any hidden talents most people wouldn't expect?

'I'm a golfer. Not many people expect me to golf, but my dad golfs and he got me started playing. I'm pretty legit at it.'

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