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April 8, 2010

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Here is what I am going to do. I am going to write about UCLA, and then get back to the last tournaments whenever I can. How does that sound?

Well this weekend was really actually quite fun, despite the devastating things that happened along the way.

Thursday night was weird.

First of all, we show up to the field and Jerrin doesn't have a sports she ACE BANDAGED herself 'down' instead of asking one of her teammates if they had any extras...interesting, innovative and creative...but weird.

Next, we started off the game with a really cool unveiling of our National Championship 'banner' by our 2009 Senior Class, on our new AWESOME padded wall, in the freezing weather. Our field looks sooooooooo LEGIT with the new lights (which makes it look brighter at 8pm than it would at noon) and our new purple padded wall that makes me want to run into it at full speed (much better than the scary wooden planks we used to have...)

But the end of Thursday night's game was a bust. It was obviously freezing outside, but our bats decided to be stubborn and refuse to heat up. We were held run-less by Donna Kerr, not something that happens often to this offense, and we also failed to string together any rallies...until the bottom of the 7th (which is why we play 7 right?). But here is the scenario: bottom of the 7th, 2 outs, bases loaded, down 1-0, Kimi up to bat. Ball is slapped up the middle, I take off from 2nd, knowing I am going to score the winning run then-BAM! Collision with UCLA shortstop GiOnna DiSalvatore, becomes runner's interference, game over. Don't get me started on whether I believed it was the right call or not (I was right there, I know what happened) but it's over now, and everything happens for a reason and someday we will be paid back. The way the game ended was...weird.

The next day was absolutely freezing, and we were off and on with rain delays until finally as we were going to take the field for the top half of the fourth inning we were called back for our final rain delay/cancellation of the game.

Saturday, we finished out the 3 innings that were left of the 2nd game of the series, resulting in a Husky win, and later on we played the 3rd game of the series where our bats finally decided to come out and play. We put up 7 runs for Danielle to work with and she just absolutely mauled their offense, holding the Bruins to only 2 runs all weekend at that point. She was removed in he 6th inning so she could get some rest (as she rightfully deserves) and Baily Harris made her PAC-10 debut and finished out the inning. The Bruins threatened in the top of the 7th with a two run bomb but Ell-Why put em away to preserve the win.

Two out of three ain't bad.

Oh and just to give you a good idea of how cold it was on the field while all of you were bundled up in the stands (and if you weren't in the stands, where were you!?) but I took 2 little hotties (the handwarmers) and put them in the inside of my ear warmer (one over each ear obviously) and then I had one stuffed in the palm of my glove and another one in my right back pocket, which is where my hand spent most of it's time between pitches.

The definition of tough: adjective, able to endure hardship or pain; strong enough to withstand adverse conditions; confident and determined; demonstrating a strict attitude and approach; something requiring great determination or effort....sound like someone you know?

I would have to say that not only does the definition of tough define our team as a whole, but I would have to say that one player in particular demonstrated a ridiculous amount of toughness throughout the weekend. And that would be Danielle Lawrie. Unfortunately, the Lawrie family received terrible news before Saturday's games and Danielle was in a very `tough' position. Not only did she have the potent UCLA lineup on her mind, she also had her thoughts and prayers going out to her grandmother. That is amazing. My hugs and thoughts go out to the Lawrie family and everyone else who is going through any `tough' situation right now.

Keep in mind: 'Character cannot be developed in ease and quite. Only through trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved.' -Helen Keller.

I just wanted to add one little tid bit in here real quick-I know I didn't write anything about the Fullerton tournament yet, and hopefully one of these days I get the discipline to do so, but I just wanted to let you all know how proud I was of Taylor 'the shark' Smith when she stepped up and hit her miraculous 4 homeruns over the course of what, 6 at bats or something preposterous, including 2 grand slams in one game which turned out to be the game changing performance!! I literally cried after the game (I am almost positive the parents thought I was nuts) but I was just incredibly proud of this girl, because this was a direct example of the game paying somebody back for the hard work that they put in on a day-to-day basis. So congratulations 6!

Welp, I guess that's 'all she wrote' folks!

Stay tuned, I will try to get some interviews goin' and maybe some more blog writing. If you have any questions you want me to ask an athlete, a good would you rather, or any requests for interviews, become a fan of Breakin it Down with Bailey on facebook where you can read past blogs, watch interviews and comment if I do a crappy job on something, haha!

Stay classy and GO TEAM PURP!!

Love, 20

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