Meet Aaron Nichols

April 8, 2010

Looking to be an important role player this year, Aaron Nichols is always willing to work hard and prove himself on the field. He is no stranger to hard work and with his recent acceptance into the Oregon State Doctor of Pharmacy program his hard work off the field has paid off as well. With the potential to make some big plays this year he jumps at the chance to continuously prove himself on the field and compete. When his number's called, he'll be ready.

How is it playing for Coach Locey?

'He's great. He's a really upbeat and positive kind of coach which is different from other coaches that I've had in the past. He focuses a lot on fundamentals, more than anything and I think that's kind of been the basis of my receiving part is being sound in fundamentals and it's paid off.'

How was the first week of spring practice going against the defensive backs?

'It was good. It was a good, healthy competition between the defensive backs and the receivers. There are a lot of veterans in the secondary, [James] Dockery, Brandon Hardin, Lance Mitchell and Cameron [Collins] and Suaesi [Tuimaunei] are always good gauges to see where you're at, a good healthy competition.'

This is a big spring for you how do you think it will go?

'I think it will go well. Coach Riley emphasizes that its one of the building periods for our team.'

What are your goals for this season?

'To get to the Rose Bowl. It's been so close the past few years and it just hurts really bad -- I don't want to feel that again. My goal this season is to do whatever I can to get my team in a position to make it to the Rose Bowl.'

What kind of impact do you anticipate making?

'I think they're looking at me being a role player again this year. Filling in wherever I can and whenever my number is called. I'll be there ready to play like I did last season, to make a key block, to spring a touchdown, to make a big first down catch.'

Being a walk on, has it motivated you to work harder to prove yourself?

'It's not easy being a walk on. Each year I've had to compete with scholarship players, walk-ons and different people to put myself out there. I think it has pushed me to make the most of my opportunities, just being ready for those opportunities mentally and physically. Whenever I get the opportunities that you have as a walk-on, you have to make the most of it. I push myself towards accomplishing that.'

You just received a scholarship, what does that mean to you?

'It feels great. It's different for me but it's definitely exciting. It's something I've been working towards for a while, since I came here, so it means a lot.'

Do you have a favorite drill(s) in practice?

'I like one on ones. I think that's my favorite drill just because it's you versus another guy and the most sound person wins.'

What song gets you pumped up before a game?

'I like listening to Creed. That kind of light, alternative rock gets me going.'

Do you have a most memorable athletic moment?

'It would have to be beating the Ducks down in Eugene three years ago.'

What do you hope to do after college?

'After college, I'm planning on doing more college. I got into the Doctor of Pharmacy program here at Oregon State so I'll be here for another four years, probably.'

What is your favorite thing about OSU?

'My favorite thing is the people here. The Beaver community and just the whole Oregon State Community is very supportive of the football team. It's really a college oriented town which is very different from where I grew up.'

Tell us a little about your musical talents...

'You must be referring to my freshman year when I played at the Sun Bowl. In Hawaii a lot of times we call it Kanikapila, where we just sit down, hang out, we play music and sing songs. I guess that's kind of where my musical background came from.'

Who is your favorite athlete and why?

'Jerry Rice. He was never the fastest or the strongest guy, but he was always the guy that worked hard and he used his talents to the best of his abilities, and he's one of the greatest receivers of all time.'

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