Gymnastics Journey: NCAA Bound

April 10, 2010

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Hey Stanford Fans!

Wow. What an exciting night! From the time we woke up this morning we all had a great feeling that today was going to be something special. The day started off a bit slow, as we slept in a bit and relaxed for most of the morning. Our first activity together was team visuals, where we go through the lineups and each girl visualizes her routine for the meet. Visuals are always a great way to picture yourself in the arena, and get some of the nerves out, while getting all of us super excited for the meet.

We had a quick lunch and started getting ready around noon. We decided to have an 'over the top' day, where we do something flashy with our hair and make-up to make us stand out. A few of us adopted the Peach hairstyle for the meet, which I can say looked awesome on everyone who tried it. Shoutout to Dani who braided about half of the team's hair. Also, throughout the day Brownie and T were persuading everyone to wear red lipstick, which I was not a big fan of at first, but truly liked it when we were all together. All of our parents were commenting on how we looked very glamorous, when we really only had on a little bit of lipstick!

We met in Kristen's room before we headed out to the bus and as a Regionals tradition, the freshmen made up a cheer, and the seniors performed theirs from their freshmen year. This year the sophomore class also sang their cheer. SWG definitely did not disappoint yet again, with each class's cheer being better than the next. The highlight of the day (besides winning the meet of course) was the bus ride on the way to the meet. It was by far the best bus ride of my life. We spent the short drive to campus singing to favorite team songs and having the ultimate dance party. The entire team was surprised by JP's crazy dance moves and as always Weedge never fails to dazzle us with her rhythm.

We walked into a fully decorated locker room with pictures and quotes from the year, a true testament to our journey from the very first day. There were 24 balloons on the ceiling and after each event we popped six in honor of each hit routine. We started the meet off on a bye and then headed to floor. Our floor team totally rocked it and gave us a strong foundation to only build from there. The performance aspect matched our look, as it was also over the top and CJ stole the show. Next we went to vault, which was sooooooo inspiring. Blair started us off as great as always and followed with five great sticks, highlighted by Shelley's nearly flawless vault. We had another bye, which we passed the time playing games and as always, singing and dancing. Bars was another solid event for us, with Brownie sticking an amazing dismount and JP totally rocking her set, hitting every single handstand to finish out the rotation strong. We finished the night on beam, and although it wasn't our best rotation there were definitely some great routines. Dani stuck her double back dismount to create some momentum, which CJ carried with an amazing routine, and Shelley finished with one of her best routines ever.

At the end of the night we were all very happy with our performance while also having an absolute blast. Watch out because SWG is on the way to the National Championships baby!!!

Thanks for checking in, and as always, GO CARD!!!!!

- Sko

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