Breaking It Down With Bailey

April 15, 2010

I am a tennis player.

I just discovered this talent a couple days ago when we got the opportunity to challenge the women's tennis team in a doubles match after practice. The winning team of our scrimmage yesterday got to go over to the Nordstrom Tennis Center and have a little bit of fun whackin' around a smaller neon ball with a bigger 'barrel'.

Morgan Stuart and I were doubles partners and I don't want to toot our own horns or anything, but I must say we are quite the talented duo. I felt most confident near the net while she took care of anything in the backcourt and we had great communication. When we weren't busy beating up the tennis players (at least in our minds...) we were acting as ball girls for the match-up between duo Maggie Wagner and Kimi Pohlman (who were actually pretty good, although Kimi admitted she had no control over her racket) and Denise Dy and Joyce Ardies (who are really stinkin' good).

It was a lot of fun. I definitely got a good work-out in (considering I was sweating more from my one match than I did the entire time at practice that day) but the best part was that the tennis girls came out today and had their try at hitting off Coach Glasoe. It was pretty funny to watch (we probably looked silly swinging a racket but they looked pretty silly wearing a skirt in the batters box...A League of Their Own style). In order to figure out which side of the plate they needed to be on they would refer to it as their 'backhand side' or their 'forehand side'. HAHAHAHA! It was awesome. I wish we could switch sports with everyone!

I guess I will get back to the Arizona series. What happened again?

Oh yeah.

So Friday, we beat Arizona. Saturday weeeeee...beat Arizona. And Sunday we killed Arizona. Sweep sweep sweep. Glad we could do a little spring-cleaning in front of a sold-out Husky Stadium.

It was nice to see our offense attack a very good pitcher and Arizona team, and Danielle shut out some very dangerous hitters. But what I was most impressed with is the approach by our freshman catcher Miss Shawna 'Woodstock' Wright who definitely gets the right hits at the WRIGHT time. Let's just say she stepped up. She is also an avid Breakin' it Down with Bailey blog reader and says they are very inspiring so I am glad I can finally include her in this one.

But while it was great that the sun was shining, Danielle got her 23rd win on her 23rd birthday, we had a historic weekend and that we created all this buzz about still don't win a World Series in April. So we will take this last weekend, stick it in our grocery cart and keep on shopping until the middle of June when all our ingredients will be ready to cook. (Was that even a good metaphor? I just made it up...)

Anyway, this weekend we'll trek on down I-5 and take on Oregon, who is off to a hot start as well, so it will be a fun series. I hope that I see a lot of purple down there though. C'mon...a five-hour drive is NOTHIN'! I'll see you there.

Oh, I heard a great quote from one of my co-workers a while ago: 'Don't let the best you've ever done be the standard for your life' can always do more!

I think that's a great quote for our team going into this weekend! I know that we all know (especially since Coach Tarr told us) that we have YET to play Husky Softball, even though we have done a great job up until this point. We are still getting better and we are on track to peak just when we need to...howwww mysteriousssss!

Welp, stay classy (as always) and GO TEAM PURP!!!

Love, 20

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