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April 26, 2010

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There we were right, just cruising along down Interstate 5, some girls sleeping, others watching The Blindside. We got to the part in the movie where Michael Oher is about ready to tap on the window of the car then BAM!!!! Busted tire. Swerving all over the freeway. Rubber burnin'. Sweeeeeeeeet.

Second year in a row that we have had bus problems on our way to Oregon...same driver...coincidence? I think not. (Juuust kidding, Elijah is great).

But anyway, what was supposed to be a 4-5 hour roadtrip turned into a 7 hour trip. You could tell by about the 6th hour that we had spent a lot of time together on the bus, haha, but we made it to the Charter's Family household all in one piece, so I am very thankful for that.

When we got there we were luckily fed right away, which eased the tension of some cranky 20 something-year-old girls, and we chatted a little bit with the 'producers' of All-American infielder extraordinaire Ashley Charters. So thanks to them for delicious pulled pork and an athletic daughter.

We then continued our journey by bus to Eugene and we made it in to our hotel about 11pm and I'm sure a bunch of us went right to sleep. We were all pretty tuckered out.

I should have actually stayed up just 59 minutes longer because Jerrin (Jar Jar Binks) Faasua turned 19 the next day, and I am a horrible roommate and didn't remember until someone came and knocked on our door and told Jar Jar 'HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY'. I felt so bad.

Well anyway, for Binks' birthday we were able to break a close game open to ensure a 9-2 win. A nice treat for Jerrin.

Saturday we lost. It was a bummer. Whatever.

So we took our frustrations on a walk to Dairy Queen (shhhh...) and it was a realllllly fun walk! Taylor the Shakr Smith and I literally stopped at every photo opportunity and took pictures. It took 45 minutes to walk 1.2 miles. But we made some great memories. First of all, everywhere we went people put there hands together to make big O's, second of all we saw a bale of hay...makes sense right? And third of all, we revealed Jerrin's cartoon character to her. Brian Fleischman came up with it...she is the Grimace. Thanks Jerrin for accepting your character, since it is really cute!

Sunday was Black out for Cancer day (where Oregon wore all black uniforms with a little bit of pink on them) and we wore pink jerseys in honor to bring awareness to those who have fought breast cancer. Joanna Gail (she played at Oregon a few years ago)'s mom threw out the first pitch and she is such an amazing lady and I don't even know her! She has been battling this dreadful disease for 14 years! What a strong and inspiring individual. It's tough to see people struck by such a vicious disease but it is wonderful to see them fight through it and overcome it triumphantly! Shout out to cancer survivors! Whoop whoop!! I know a few of those :).

By the way: we won. 1-0 on an error and a passed ball. But the coolest part about the game was that we were hitting the ball well, just right at people. So we had to find a different way to get it done! Manufacturing runs is fun!

We got back to Seattle without a glitch, a series win and the weather in Seattle was beautiful to boot!

'The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender' -Vince Lombardi (Geez, does this man have some great advice or what?!) I don't think you can find a team of 18 girls willing to work harder than the ones you have here. I can mention a handful of names who do the little things every single day in order to take this team to where we want to go...and that's Oklahoma City baby!!

Side note: we had this really cool event for the 'diva dawgs' of the athletic apartment where we had the opportunity to be 'taught' the proper attire for interviews (not lululemon groove pants and a Washington sweater...which a majority of the female athletes wear on a daily basis), the appropriate make up so it doesn't look like we came from the club and how to do our hair differently than just a simple pony tail. There were coupons and makeovers and all sorts of cool things for us 'divas'.

We also played Cal today. Long game, but thank goodness we came out on the winning side. We went 10 innings with the Bears, something we don't really like to see happen very often, but I love how we kept finding ways to get people on base. All we need to do is score them. Easy enough...sike, it was a really weird game where people would get on, then another person would get on and then the next hitter would hit a hard line drive and the girl at second would get picked off. Nice rally killer right there right? We had 9 hits today...and we won one to nothing.

The game of softball is so weird. But the best part is: this is something we need to get comfortable with now because it WILL happen in playoffs where we will be in a tight game and we will need to find a way, ANY WAY, to get the job done. Example. Last year in preseason we went like 14 innings with Penn State while we were in Fullerton. What happened during post season at Regionals? Oh yeah...15 innings.

I just found a bug bite on my ankle. Yeeeeouch.

Alright, I believe that is all! I am hoping to interview Hans Straub (our weight coach) the freshmen, sophomores: Niki Williams &Taylor Smith, and the Canadians: Danielle Lawrie & Jenn Salling as far as softball players go, and then I will try to move on to Sark?! Some incoming freshmen football guys?! Romar!?!? The sky is the limit.

OOOOHH YEAHHHHHHHH!! Today during the game we were delayed for like 8 minutes because a swarm of bees decided to party down the left field line. and by swarm I mean literally a massive amount of bees. it was sooo weird. But eventually they went back into their tree...such an awkward delay of game.

Stayyyy classy pups and GO TEAM PURP!
Love, 20

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