Meet The Cardinal: Jaquilyn Edwards

April 26, 2010

Each week will feature a Q&A with a different member of the 2010 Stanford Softball team. This week get to know freshman Jaquilyn Edwards.

Nickname: Rhonda, Jed, Jeffrey, Jaqui
My goals for this season are: To win a national championship
A moment in my life I will always remember: Achieving my life-long dream of playing softball at Stanford University
The most noteworthy thing about my hometown: No one has heard of it
Talent I would most like to have: The ability to sing without inflicting pain upon those around me
My parents’ occupations are: My dad coaches baseball at Chapman University, and my mom is a site coordinator for Marriott Vacation Club International
Favorite napping spot: Anywhere, floors are currently most popular though
The perfect meal includes: Plenty of carbs
My favorite thing about our team is: We’re a family – we have each other’s backs both on and off the field
The furthest from home I have ever been is: Virginia
The first sport I ever played was: Softball
The person I would most like to meet is: My grandfather
Superstitions/pregame rituals: I always wear a braid and ribbon in my hair
When I leave Stanford, I want to: Attend Dental school and become an orthodontist
My earliest sports memory is: Hitting whiffle balls off a tee with my dad
I collect: Rubber bouncy balls
In my off-time, I’m most likely to be found: Sleeping or eating
Something people would be surprised to know about me: I don’t like chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cake or pie. Sad, I know
The best thing about Stanford is: Everything – it is truly an amazing place with incredible people, and every day I am thankful to be here
The biggest thrill of my life to date: Putting on the Cardinal uniform
Least Favorite Food: Peas
My favorite movie: The Italian Job
My favorite TV show: Scrubs, Gossip Girl
Ten years from now I hope to be: Happy
One wish I would make for the 21st century: World peace
If I had to cook all of my meals, I’d probably survive on: Mac and cheese, cup o’ noodles and trail mix
Sports teams I followed when I was younger: (Anaheim) Angels
The place I’d most like to visit: Fiji
I’m afraid of: Spiders and finding things in my food that do not belong there (like bones, egg shells, hair, etc.)
Over the summer, I: Coached kids at Chapman University’s baseball camps
Hidden talent: I can whistle. Really loudly
My favorite place on the Stanford campus is: Boyd and Jill Smith Family Stadium
My favorite class at Stanford has been: Science of Sports
My primary inspiration in sports is: My Stanford softball sisters
I’m most thankful for: My family, friends and team
Best book I have ever read: Faith of the Fallen by Terry Goodkind
My parents were right when they told me: I could accomplish anything I set my mind to
The best advice I ever received was: Hard work pays off
After my Stanford career is over, I’d like to be remembered as: A good teammate and friend
The reason I chose Stanford University is: Because there are no reasons not to chose Stanford
My favorite thing to do on campus is: Relax on Wilbur Field
I would love to trade places for a day with: Coach. Hmm, now that would be interesting
My funniest teammate is: Probably Maya and her lack of an inside voice, but literally everyone has had hilarious moments
The sport I am the worst at is: Soccer
My favorite softball memory is: Throwing people out at home plate – it’s my favorite thing to do!
My biggest pet peeve is: When you feel a sneeze coming on and then it goes away
Favorite midnight snack: Popcorn and trail mix
My most embarrassing moment was: Being told by Coach that I run like a baby giraffe
Stanford softball will be fun to watch this year because: We have a lot of energy!
Favorite city: Stanford, Calif.

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