Breaking It Down With Bailey

April 28, 2010

On the way to the game on Sunday (less than 24 hours after our first loss via the mercy rule in like...who knows how long) I made up a quote. I am really into quotes if you didn't notice.

'Winners make excuses when they lose. Champions make adjustments.' -Bailey Stenson

UMMMMM!!! I am proud of it (I really hope I didn't hear it somewhere and am blanking). But it really is true. You can be good, and think you are `too good for losing' but losing is something that we can learn from. It's going to make us better down the road. We went into kind of a scoring rut, where we would get runners on base (8 hits on Friday night...6 hits in Saturday's loss...and weekend high of 10 hits in Sunday's perfect game) but we haven't quite been 'on' in the category of clutch hitting.

Marty Tyson (father of former UW All-American Dena Tyson) once shared with us: Champions have dominant pitching, a sound defense, and CLUTCH HITTING. And Coach Tarr is constantly reiterating this day in and day out. It's definitely a great recipe for success.

What is a clutch hit and why is it important?

Clutch hitting happens in a tight situation (close, scoreless or tied game) and/or happens with two outs. Examples: 2009 World Series...we were down 8-4 to Georgia when then freshman Niki Williams stepped up to the dish and delivered a one out Grand Salami to tie the game up at 8-8! Now that's clutch! She was coached by Marty...not to mention Morgan Stuart who had the game-winning RBI against ASU in the World Series that helped keep us on the winner's side of the bracket. Another 'Marty's Angel': Shawna Wright, our freshman catcher, who ONLY likes to hit with two outs and in clutch situations...trend?

I know there are obviously a million other examples of clutch hits in our program...those are just a few that stick out in my mind (and it's a success if anything sticks in my mind with the type of memory I've got, haha).

Anyway. Sunday we made an adjustment after a huge loss and here we are, after another series win, ready to be back home in front of our amazing Seattle fans in our gorgeous stadium for two weekends in a row! That'll be nice, now I can actually buy some groceries and do my laundry.

Speaking of being home, I would love to see our stadium packed again! We have so many great things going on this week!

Friday night is our 6pm game and if you sit in the outfield, look to the left at 6:30 you can catch a glimpse of the 2010 Spring football game.

Saturday morning before our game our amazing defending national championship crew team is racing in the prestigious Windemere cup at 10:20am and you can just chill out, tailgate or shop in University Village until our 4 pm game.

Sunday May 2 (my Fahza's birthday) we play at noon and IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING that we are hosting a really cool freeeeeeee event for stud kids called Major League Baseball's PITCH, HIT and RUN where boys and girls ages 7-14 can come and test their baseball/softball skills and with a chance to eventually compete in the National Finals at the 2010 MLB All-Star game in Anaheim, California!! How awesome!!! I think I can definitely pull off being you might see me out there trying to compete :)

The event is free and you don't even need to come to the softball game in order to go to the event (even though we would love to see you in the stands) and there will be four age divisions: 7-8 year olds, 8-10 year olds, 11-12 year olds and 13-14 year olds! Registration begins at 2:30 and the competitions start at 3pm (30 minutes after the softball game)

Don't forget to bring a valid copy of your birth certificate so we can make sure you're not trying to pull a Danny Almonte on us and pretend like you are 14 when you are actually 18 or something... looks like I'm out then, bummer!

For more information or to simply register email or call 206.543.6072

Hope to see all you little guys and gals out there for some fun on the diamond!

Welp, that's all I have for you this week. You guys are awesome fans and thank you for reading my silly little blog, I love it!!

Stay classy dawg fans and GO TEAM PURP!

Love, 20

P.S. Congrats to Danielle Lawrie for firing her 4th career perfect game and 3rd this season...whoa whoa wee whoa!! And congrats on breaking the PAC-10 record for player of the week honors with 15! Many of us are still waiting on our firsts, haha!!

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