Meet The Cardinal: Teagan Gerhart

May 5, 2010

Each week will feature a Q&A with a different member of the 2010 Stanford Softball team. This week get to know freshman Teagan Gerhart.

Nickname: Ice T or Vanilla Ice
My goals for this season are: to be a contributor to the team and make it to the college world series
A moment in my life I will always remember: The day I was accepted into Stanford
The most noteworthy thing about my hometown: Horse Town USA
My first impression of Coach Rittman was: He was a nice guy and has immense amount of passion for the game… and I was right!
Talent I would most like to have: Playing an instrument
My parents’ occupations are: My dad is a teacher at the High School and head football coach and my mom is a special educational teacher
Favorite napping spot: Floor of my room
The perfect meal includes: Mashed potatoes
My favorite thing about our team is: That we are hilarious and we are practically sisters
The furthest from home I have ever been is: New York
The first sport I ever played was: Tee ball
Superstitions/pregame rituals: Always write “Dad” behind the circle
When I leave Stanford, I want to: Further my education and start a family
Since coming to Stanford, I have learned: How to stay up late, but more importantly I have learned how unique a place Stanford is and how many things it has to offer
My sports hero growing up was: My mom
My earliest sports memory is: Tee ball with my twin best friends and we have been best friends ever since
In my off-time, I’m most likely to be found: Watching old Disney movies
Something people would be surprised to know about me: I have had 17 surgeries
The best thing about Stanford is: The diversity and the people you meet
The biggest thrill of my life to date: The day I was accepted into Stanford University
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
My favorite movie: A Walk to Remember
My favorite TV show: One Tree Hill
Ten years from now I hope to be: A physician assistant and having a family
One wish I would make for the 21st century: Cure for emphisima
If I had to cook all of my meals, I’d probably survive on: Pasta Roni
I’m afraid of: Bridges
Over the summer, I: Want to play softball or intern at a medical office
Hidden talent: Love to draw and paint
My favorite place on the Stanford campus is: The oval to sit out and look up at the stars
My favorite class at Stanford has been: PWR: Rhetoric of Places and Spaces
My primary inspiration in sports is: My brother (Toby)
I’m most thankful for: My parents
Best book I have ever read: Twilight series
My parents were right when they told me: Hard work pays off in the long run as long as you give a hundred percent all the time
The best advice I ever received was: Strive to be the best for the people, but more importantly for yourself
After my Stanford career is over, I’d like to be remembered as: A contributor to the team and one who helped in leading this team to national championships
The reason I chose Stanford University is: Love for the team and the environment of the campus and the students
My favorite thing to do on campus is: ride my bike around late at night and visit the major structures
I would love to trade places for a day with: A professional football player
My funniest teammate is: Alissa Haber
The sport I am the worst at is: Soccer…. I don’t know how they do it
My biggest pet peeve is: When people talk when people are trying to say something or when watching a movie
If I could travel anywhere in the world I would go to: Europe
Favorite midnight snack: Milk and Oreos
The person I would most like to meet is: Michelle Obama
My most embarrassing moment was: Falling down the bleachers in a football stadium on a rainy day
Stanford softball will be fun to watch this year because: We have great chemistry and share an absolute love of the game
Favorite city: New York City

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