Meet Mike Barry

May 12, 2010

Mike Barry wishes he had more time at Oregon State. The redshirt senior from Medford, Ore. committed to the University of San Diego coming out of North Medford High School. He played there for two years before deciding that he needed to get back to his roots, literally. The avid outdoorsman, Barry transferred back to his home state, where hunting, fishing and golf are among the best in the country. The Beavers have enjoyed one of their best seasons on record and Barry's emergence has been one of the keys to that success. His scoring average of 71.42 is the third-best in school history and he along with fellow seniors Diego Velasquez and Paul Peterson have helped guide the Beavers to a fourth seed at NCAA Regionals next week at Gold Mountain Golf Club in Bremerton, Wash. Recently, Mike took a few minutes for a phone interview with Andrew Shawcroft from OSU's Athletic Communications office.

You started your career at the University of San Diego. After sitting out a year following your transfer to OSU, you finally got to be on the course for the Beavers, how did that year off treat you, and were there any regrets?
'I've talked to (Head Coach Brian Watts) all year, and I've always told him that I wish I would have come up here right out of high school. It's such a better atmosphere and I get along with the guys so well that I kind of regret my decision to go down there and play golf there for the two and a half years that I did. This year has been a blast overall. Playing with Diego (Velasquez) and watching him do what he's been doing, just playing with the team that we've got up here has been fun.'

What prompted the transfer to Oregon State? Did being close to your family in Medford factor in?
'Yeah, I grew up hunting and fishing, so I've always been kind of an 'outdoorsy' type of guy, and I didn't get that a lot in San Diego. But being closer to home, and being closer to family were all big factors in my decision to transfer.'

What are your plans for your post-OSU life?
'I'm going to move back to Medford, and I'll probably work down there for the summer, and then hopefully play some pro golf after the summer through some qualifying tournaments.'

Do you have any favorite places to eat in Corvallis?
'Yeah, I'm actually at El Sol De Mexico right now, I love this place!'

Any favorite classes at OSU?
'I would say any class with Professor (Michael) Beachley. He's always a blast in class, always talking about professional stories that are pretty funny, and overall, he's just an awesome teacher to have.'

If you were to play a different sport at Oregon State, what would it be?
'Definitely baseball. I grew up playing baseball. I had to decide between baseball and golf in high school, and I choose golf. I've always thought I could play baseball. I've got a bunch of friends on the baseball team up here that I go and support every time I can. I definitely would like to see what I could have done if I had played baseball rather than golf.'

What would be your advice to an incoming freshman who was on the golf team?
'Probably just to have fun. There are a lot of kids who put a lot of pressure on themselves to play well right away. I certainly did down at my other school. If I could do it all over again, I would certainly have a lot more fun with it. That's what I would tell kids coming in. Putting a lot of pressure on yourself can affect your golf game, and can kind of ruin your college experience; it should all be about having fun.'