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May 13, 2010

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Man...what a great weekend for our Frenzy 2 bats.

Friday night in our 13-1 win over the Beavers, we tallied 12 hits and 10 walks!! Holy smokes...

On Saturday, we run-ruled the Beavs again with Marty's Angels (Niki Williams, Morgan Stuart and Shawna Wright) going back to back. Nikia started the frenzy, with Shawna going yard three pitches later, but Albatross and the Shark felt a little left out so they dropped a couple bombs later in the game. No big deal. I drop bombs all the time. Hooch had another walk...weird. She has a great eye...I'm gonna take a page out of her book.

Sunday was interesting. We won one to nothing...1-0. Yikes. But it's ok, a win is a win and we can't run-rule every game, but thankfully we recruited Niki Williams, who stepped up for us to drive in our lone run of the game...SWEEP!

(Stanford-BIG WEEKEND!!)

Well this weekend was one of a lot of different emotions.

But I made it through with only a few tears shed. Gold star for me! (That's huge because I am a crier...I have empathy for everyone).

Lots of great things happened on Friday: We got to wear pink uniforms in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness (I made sure to put my grandma's initials on my sweat band because she was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer but luckily is doing great! Since we have the same initials I was worried people thought I was putting myself on my wrist I wasn't...just FYI), we run-ruled Stanford, Danielle threw her 4th NO-NO of the season, Woodstock drove in five runs...she's legit, and Morgan drove in the 'game winner' so we were able to get out of there in five. The best part about that game is we continuously put the pressure on the Cardinal. We scored almost every inning and we kept putting the ball in play hard! Love when our team puts pressure on the defense.

Saturday was incredibly emotional (let's just say a majority of my tears were shed this day). We had the honor to have Ashley Aven, a high school softball player who is battling leukemia, come to throw out the first pitch on Saturday. She is so inspiring to everyone who has the honor to meet her and her amazing family and she has made quite a few new fans this weekend. It was amazing to see her come out there and know that she is going through something so devastating but she still came out and rocked the first pitch.

We wore all black uniforms (which were in cool) to bring awareness to all types of cancer (Black Out Cancer day). We did not put the game away as early as we had the day before because we were kept off balance by Stanford's pitcher all game. It took us until the bottom of the 7th inning to break through...this time with the Husky battery taking care of all the scoring by themselves. Shawna Wright laced a ball to the right fielder (who has a cannon) and seriously hustled her butt of trying to be safe at first...which she inches. Then Danielle came up to bat. She worked her count to 2-0 (the textbook hitter's count) and BAMMMM...launched her first ever walk-off homerun. Thank goodness Shawna was safe!

Now, get your tissues out for this tidbit...Danielle hasn't hit a homerun in a long time (maybe since preseason). But Ashley Aven asked Danielle to hit her a homerun anyway. And Danielle did it in heroic fashion. She did it for Ashley. She was able to clutch up, make a young girl's wish come true, and clinch a series win for our amazing is that?

Life is crazy

Jay Buhner was at our game, just being his Bad to the Bone self. He is a good friend of the Aven family and one of my all-time favorite athletes, so that was exciting!

Sunday, Coach Romar threw out the first pitch and he is a stud lefty. Congrats to his basketball team who went to the Sweet 16!! Yay basketball (I forgot to mention that in my earlier blog because I never wrote about Fullerton...which is around the same time the hoops team busted a couple brackets).

Sunday was also Mother's Day. (I love you mom, you're amazing!! And Mary, my evil stepmother: I am very blessed that you are my stepmom!)

It was also Senior Day...which I surprisingly held back tears for because of course, #1 the season is far from over and, #2 because everyone was going to make fun of me for blubbering (I mean, who am I kidding...I started to cry kind of hard, but held back the waterworks because my smiles overtook my tears). But I can't believe how wonderful everyone made this Senior Day for all of us.

Danielle threw a one-hitter, Fleisch and I were both able to get hits, and unfortunately Alyson wasn't able to make any web gems but she will probably make up for it later down the road (that was mostly because Danielle didn't let anyone really even touch the ball much) but good job Seniors!! But I also really liked all the presents that everyone gave us: for example Jack came back to be our bat boy (he is the little gem that knows more about softball than baseball), Maggie Wagner `crushed the anthem' (something one of our grounds crew guys, Tyler Haggett, did on Friday), Jenn provided the game winning double in the 8th and we were able to clinch the Pac-10. Cool. Love it, but ultimately it's not our main goal. Just a minor stepping-stone along the way.

It's still pretty stinkin' exciting though :)

'Think only of the BEST, work only for the BEST and expect only the BEST' -Christian D. Larson.

If you aren't expecting the best what the heck are you expecting?!!? Seriously!

Anyway, thanks so much for all of your guys' support! Keep rooting on the purple and gold as we strive to achieve our goals!

Hope to see you all soon!

Love, 20

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