Meet Devon Kell

May 13, 2010

Not only is he focused on football but redshirt freshman Devon Kell is also focused on his studies. As valedictorian of his high school and a member of National Honor Society, there is no doubt that this student-athlete is keeping things balanced on and off the field. He's no stranger to hard work and he hopes to show that on the field next season.

What is it like getting to prove yourself in spring ball?

'It's been a lot of fun. I've gotten to learn all the plays and get them down and show effort and I always go 100 percent.'

How was the transition from High School to Oregon State?

'It's a lot faster, guys are a lot bigger so you have to go 100 percent every time, you can't slack off at all or else it's going to show.'

Do you feel like the redshirt year benefitted you as a player?

'Definitely, you get to go against the ones all year; you get a chance to put on weight, learn a lot of plays and then show it during spring ball.'

Is it difficult to juggle school and football?

'Sometimes it's hard but it helps when they have the mandatory study hall. They provide us with a lot of help.'

What is it like playing for Coach Riley?

'It's a lot of fun. I've never met a coach like him, he doesn't get down on you, he's always positive, keeps you going.'

Do you have a favorite drill(s) in practice?

'It would have to be practicing our get offs, two on one drills. It makes you work harder.'

Why did you choose Oregon State?

'It's in a small town, easy to stay out of trouble, it keeps you focused.'

What is your favorite meal to cook?

'It would have to be Polki, it's a Hawaiian raw fish.'

What do you miss most about Hawaii?

'The sun, the weather and the heat.'