Meet Michael Doctor

May 20, 2010

Coming all the way from Oklahoma is not the only adjustment that redshirt freshman, Michael Doctor has had to make. He also had to get used to playing only defense at Oregon State after being a successful running back in high school and helping his team win a state title. He feels that his redshirt year gave him a head start and hopes to made a tremendous impact on the field this coming season.

Do you feel like the redshirt year benefitted you as a player?

'Yeah, it kind of gave me a good start and a head start to learn to play with everybody.'

Is it difficult to juggle school and football?

'No not at all, with the study halls they give us and the tutors it makes it pretty easy.'

What's it like playing for Coach Riley?

'It's kind of amazing. He's a chill dude and a great coach.'

You not only played offense in high school but you were a running back, what's it like transitioning to just defense here at Oregon State?

'It's been hard because I'm so used to playing running back so it's been kind of a hard transition but I'll get through it.'

Where do you see yourself fitting into Oregon State football?

'Right now I'm just working my way in and trying to make an impact on special teams.'

What was it about the coaching staff that drew you to Oregon State?

'They made it feel like a family here, at other schools it wasn't like that but here it felt like a family.'

What are your goals for next season?

'I want to try and make a tremendous impact.'

How has the adjustment been coming to Oregon State?

'It was kind of hard because it was far away but I got used to Corvallis and it has been good.'

Do you have a favorite sports team?

'I like the Falcons.'

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

'I always wear double socks and roll them down before the games.'

What do you miss most about Oklahoma?

'The weather, it doesn't rain that much here.'

If you had to pick any other sport to participate in what would it be?