Cal-Bucknell Post-Game Quotes

May 21, 2010

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - Following the 10-run mercy win over Bucknell, California head coach Diane Ninemire and various Golden Bears were available for interviews with the local media. Their comments are below.

Cal head coach Diane Ninemire
On the team's overall performance:
'I thought we came out and attacked early in the game with our speed and our bats. I was proud of the way that Jolene Henderson threw a perfect game as a freshman. I just thought that was an outstanding performance by her. We hope that we can continue to play well throughout the course of this tournament. Overall, it was a great performance. We're looking forward to Saturday's play. Both Kentucky and Ohio State are great teams, and we're going to have to play our best.'

On the team's 10 runs and nine hits:
'I thought that our power and our speed were balanced today. We put some pressure on their defense with our speed. We, then, let our power take over. That combination is what has helped us over the year to be a team that can score and be explosive at times. We hope to keep everything going in the right direction.'

On if this pitching performance is the norm for Jolene Henderson:
'It doesn't get much better than a perfect game. I thought she did a great job in the UCLA series. She has come so close to throwing no hitters and perfect games. I am so glad that she got over that hump because she's very capable of throwing perfect games. Going down the stretch, we're going to need everything she has.'

On how the Bears were seeing the ball today:
'I thought we were doing a good job of adjusting to the pitching. At first, we were a little bit ahead of [Bucknell starter Alex MacLean] because she was a slightly slower pitcher. We were making adjustments and keeping our weight back. We were waiting a little bit longer and letting the ball get a little deeper. I was happy with that, especially with the homers from Valerie Arioto and Elia Reid. I thought Elia Reid did a great job waiting on that pitch. Those two home runs really put the game out of reach for Bucknell.'

Junior first baseman Valerie Arioto
On how she felt the Bears played:
'I think it was a little bit of nerves since it was our first game at Regionals. I think we got into it by the third inning. We got comfortable and started to play like we know how. It was a good way to set the Regional off and hopefully we can continue to have success here.'

On her home run:
'My shot was so high, I didn't even know it went over the wall. I was just running as fast as I could.'

Freshman pitcher Jolene Henderson
On her perfect game:
'I felt strong. My teammates really helped with that - they were really strong behind me. We had a lot of energy going into the game today. We're ready for the postseason. We were just really intense. I think that helped me a lot to pitch. My teammates are always like that behind me. Today they really picked up the intensity, stepping it up even more, which I thought was exceptional.'

On if the perfect game gives her confidence for the next games:
'Well, I don't really think about it like that. I don't think about how I pitched, I think about how the team played. They were so strong today. They hit so strongly today. We did it as a team. I don't think it was a one-person job today at all. It was definitely a perfect game for the whole entire team, not just for me.'

Sophomore outfielder Elia Reid
On adjusting to the Bucknell pitching:
'It was not as fast as some of the pitching we've seen over the course of the season, but [Bucknell starter Alex MacLean] had some great movement on her pitches.'

On her home run:
'Vernae Sevilla's single before me was off an inside pitch. I was just swinging and running. I didn't know it went over.'