Post-Game Quotes - Washington 1, UNC 0

May 22, 2010

NCAA Regionals
Post-Game Quotes
Saturday, May 22, 2010

North Carolina vs. Washington

North Carolina head coach Donna Papa

Opening statement: 'I'm really pleased with the effort that our team had. I thought we battled our way through the whole game, all the way through the seventh inning. I think Dani Spaulding had an outstanding outing on the mound, a great job. To be able to strike out twelve Washington players--I think Washington has a great hitting team--and battle like she did on the mound like she did getting hit out there. I'm just really proud of my team. I think they did a great job, they were aggressive at the plate, they had a lot of confidence, and I can't ask for anything more than that...Nothing but great things for our team going forward.'

On who they prefer to play in the next game: 'No, not really. We're just battling for our right to get into the championship game, and it doesn't matter who our opponent is. We've got to go out and play, we've got to put some runs on the board. Dani [Spaulding] will come out again with her great arm, and hopefully help us get there. We know we're fighting or our life because this is it...It's like what [former UNC men's basketball coach] Dean Smith always said, `Survive and advance,' and that's what we need to do tonight.'

North Carolina P Danielle Spaulding

On the play where she was hit with the ball: 'She just got a hold of one of my pitches--it was a drop ball--and she got a hold of it and it got to me real quick. It just tipped off my glove and hit me in the face...It hit me in the chin and in my lower lip.'

On if they were pressing after getting down early: 'I don't think so at all. We fought through the end and it was amazing how up on the fence [we were] and I don't think we were pressing at all. We had every confidence that we were going to win that game.'

On if going up against Danielle Lawrie affected her play: 'Yeah I don't think it affects me any different. You go into a game knowing how Lawrie pitches, but I don't think about that when I'm up to bat, I don't think about how good this team is when I'm pitching, I just go pitch to my catcher.'

North Carolina SS Christine Knauer

On facing Danielle Lawrie and how she compared to other pitchers they've faced: 'I think we were ready for it. I think we came out and we fought real hard the whole time. We've seen a lot of great pitching throughout the season...and we see it every day in practice. She threw a great game, but I think we were ready for it and I think we'll be ready for it again.'

Washington head coach Heather Tarr

Opening statement: 'Obviously a close game, it could have gone either way, but we're happy to be on the other side of it. The [fourth] inning where we left early stealing and we didn't get bunt down probably cost us more than we would have liked. I thought Danielle [Lawrie] obviously pitched a pretty good game, and defensively we probably need to help her out a little more so she's not put in the situation like she was in the end. It's good to know that she can come through in that situation.'

On McWherter's diving miss in the seventh: 'Toughest thing to do as an outfielder. The ball is hit straight, you don't have good vision on it--bless Aly, if she comes up with that she' s on SportsCenter as the top play of the game, top play of the night. But, in that situation, given what happened, we never want to put the tying run on second. Aly's gone for it a lot, she's our best outfielder, but she didn't make the play.'

Washington P Danielle Lawrie

On if the seventh inning was more difficult because of the pressure: 'Yes and no...We had two outs and that's in the back of your mind: `We just made two defensive plays, just hit your spots and if she puts the ball in play I'm confident enough in our defense.' Obviously there's a tiny bit more pressure because you don't want the run to score, but you've got two outs.'

On if going up against Spaulding got her more motivated: 'Yeah, I mean obviously I'd love to score five runs a game. When you get into those games where you're facing another great pitcher I think that's why you play the game. I love going up against somebody that's like that because it's her versus me, and you're going to see the outcome at the end. You don't know what's going to happen. That's why I play the game--I want to play against the best and I want to beat the best, so bring on whomever.'

Washington RF Kimi Pohlman

On her hit in the first inning: 'You just sort of see ball, hit ball.'

On how the hitting resembled yesterday's game, starting hot and cooling off: 'We like to think hitting is contagious. When you start off a game like that it's great, but [Spaulding] is a good pitcher. Yesterday I think we got ourselves out more times, but today she definitely pitched a great ballgame. It's all a matter of not getting yourself out and finding your pitch that you want to hit.'

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