Meet The Cardinal: Alix Van Zandt

May 25, 2010

Each week will feature a Q&A with a different member of the 2010 Stanford Softball team. This week get to know freshman Alix Van Zandt.

Nickname: VZ
A moment in my life I will always remember: Finding out I was going to Stanford
The most noteworthy thing about my hometown: Bill Gates and Microsoft
Talent I would most like to have: Sing, learn music by ear, basically just being musically talented at all would be great
My parents’ occupations are: Flight attendant and sales. Although most of my friends are convinced my dad’s in the CIA…
Favorite napping spot: The couch in the l-room is quickly becoming a favorite
The perfect meal includes: Steak and salad, but my mom has to make it
My favorite thing about our team is: The chemistry
The furthest from home I have ever been is: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
The first sport I ever played was: Soccer
The person I would most like to meet is: My grandma
Superstitions/pregame rituals: I can’t step on the chalk lines on the field
When I leave Stanford, I want to: Go to law school and travel around the world
Since coming to Stanford, I have learned: The importance of sleep and the art of napping
My sports hero growing up was: Jay Buhner
My earliest sports memory is: Playing t-ball when the coaches could be on the field and my dad was a coach so of course he was right there for every play
I collect: Books and music I guess, I have way too much of both
In my off-time, I’m most likely to be found: At my dorm napping or catching up on The Office
Something people would be surprised to know about me: I can speak Dutch
The best thing about Stanford is: The people – everyone has some amazing story or talent and sometimes it takes a while to figure it out, but when you do figure it out you’re simply amazed. I have been in a perpetual state of awe since September
The biggest thrill of my life to date: Standing on the outdoor part of the Eifel Tower. I’m not good with heights
Least Favorite Food: “Red Delicious” Apples. They may be red but they are NOT delicious
My favorite movie: Remember the Titans, Crash
My favorite TV show: The Office
Ten years from now I hope to be: Just happy and successful
One wish I would make for the 21st century: Peace!
If I had to cook all of my meals, I’d probably survive on: Pasta, chicken, and salad
Sports teams I followed when I was younger: Seattle Mariners
The place I’d most like to visit: Australia
I’m afraid of: Sharks and turkeys
Over the summer, I: Spent a lot of time at the lake in front of my house and learned to inland surf
Hidden talent: Double-jointed elbows? They’re not really a talent, they just look freaky
My favorite place that I ever visited is: The Netherlands
My favorite place on the Stanford campus is: I actually love the library, but the view from the top of Hoover Tower is pretty amazing too
My favorite class at Stanford has been: Intro sociology!
My primary inspiration in sports is: My brother
I’m most thankful for: My family
Best book I have ever read: The Harry Potters and anything by Kurt Vonnegut
My parents were right when they told me: Don’t dwell on the past, just learn from it and move forward
The best advice I ever received was: “Keep swinging” (my dad) and “Don’t think, you’ll only hurt the team” (Coach Rittman)
After my Stanford career is over, I’d like to be remembered as: A hard worker and a good teammate
The reason I chose Stanford University is: I can’t remember ever wanting to go anywhere else. The athletics, the academics, the weather – who wouldn’t choose Stanford?
My favorite thing to do on campus is: Nothing. It’s rare, but if I ever have time to do nothing at all I’d just take it all in and enjoy how beautiful campus is
I would love to trade places for a day with: JK Rowling because I am a Harry Potter dork and would love to know how she thinks up all that amazing stuff
My funniest teammate is: We all have our moments
The sport I am the worst at is: Gymnastics, and I probably wouldn’t be the greatest synchronized swimmer either 
My biggest pet peeve is: People who say they hate country music “except for Taylor Swift”, and the sound of cracking knuckles
Favorite midnight snack: Lag Late Night Chicken Quesadillas are too good, and cheerios
Favorite city: London, or Seattle…

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