Cougars Finish 13th at NCAA Rowing Championships

May 30, 2010

GOLD RIVER, Calif. - Washington State University women's rowing placed eighth in the second varsity eight and went on to finish 13th as a team at the 2010 NCAA Rowing Championships Sunday at the Sacramento State Aquatic Center on Lake Natoma.

Washington State finished with 29 team points, just two points behind 12th-place UCLA with 31 points. Virginia came back after trailing California heading into the final event to take home the national championship with 87 points. California took home the silver with 82 points followed by Princeton with the bronze with 76 points. Stanford just missed a medal in fourth with 75 points, while Brown (71), Yale (66), Wisconsin (55), USC (52), Michigan State (51) Washington (43) and Michigan (43) round out the top-10.

The Cougars' second varsity eight notched the best finish of the day, placing second in the Petite Final and eighth overall with a time of 6:37.18. WSU held a late lead, but Wisconsin was able to pull ahead in the final 500 meters for the victory in a time of 6:35.96. WSU held of a charging Michigan State boat that finished less than a second behind in third with a time of 6:38.11. The varsity eight scored 18 points for the Cougs.

'I think we had a good day,' WSU head coach Jane LaRiviere said. 'The day was definitely highlighted by a really great row by the second varsity, they came on really strong in the last 1,000 meteres. It was a really great race and they just got nipped out by Wisconsin, but I'm really proud of those guys'.

After leading the majority of the race, WSU's varsity eight placed second in the Third Final with a time of 6:36.77, nearly four seconds behind Clemson in first with a time of 32.78. The Cougs jumped out to a large lead and held it until around the 500 meter mark when the Tigers pulled ahead. WSU was able to hold off Ohio State in third, which finished in a time of 6:38.57. Washington State finished 14th overall for nine points.

The first race of the day was the varsity four, as the Cougars placed third in the Third Final with a time of 7:31.32. Ohio State pulled away from UCLA and held on for the victory in a time of 7:25.17. UCLA crossed the finish line in 7:26.78. The varsity four placed 15th overall for two points.

'We're really glad to be back at the NCAA Championships,' LaRiviere said. 'Obviously our main goal is to return next year and be better.'

Washington State hosted the event down in Gold River, Calif., along with the Sacramento State Aquatic Center. Racing began Friday with the event concluding late Sunday morning.

'I just want to say that from all the stuff I've been hearing, I'm really proud of our athletic department for hosting and doing such a great job,' LaRiviere said. 'I've been hearing nothing but positive feedback.'

Results for the entire event can be found at or:

Sacramento State Aquatic Center
Lake Natoma - Gold River, Calif.
May 28-30
Day Three - Sunday, May 30

1. Virginia, 87
2. California, 82
3. Princeton, 76
4. Stanford, 75
5. Brown, 71
6. Yale, 66
7. Wisconsin, 55
8. USC, 52
9. Michigan State, 51
10. Washington, 43
Michigan, 43
12. UCLA, 31
13. Washington State, 29
14. Ohio State, 22
15. Clemson, 21
16. Tennessee, 12

1. Clemson, 6:32.78
2. Washington State, 6:36.77 (coxswain Corina Chilibeck, stroke Sarah Wolff, Katie Dick, Lisa Roman, Irena Neffeova, Allie Reilly, Justine Galbraith, Hannah Rothstrom and Kyann Martin)
3. Ohio State, 6:38.57
4. Tennessee, 6:43.21

1. Wisconsin, 6:35.96
2. Washington State, 6:37.18 (coxswain Lexi Ryman, stroke Natasha Ostopovich, Crystal Martin, Christina Kinck, Liz England, Erica Lewis, Corinna Sharick, Danya Levesque and Erika Jorgensen)
3. Michigan State, 6:38.11
4. Washington, 6:40.38
5. Ohio State, 6:46.01
6. Yale, 6:49.42

1. Ohio State, 7:25.17
2. UCLA, 7:26.78
3. Washington State, 7:31.32 (coxswain Cayla Ravancho, Annie Eastwood, Lauren Johnson, Katie Wollstein and Sarah Powell)
4. Tennessee, 7:40.20