Breaking It Down With Bailey: Final Edition!

June 8, 2010

So here I am, in the middle of writing my final assignment of my undergraduate career (a 30 page paper at that...nooooo big deal) and I can't stop thinking about this weekend. Analyzing every moment, wondering what we could have done to change the fact that we are now home, in this depressing rain (for's June), during finals week, without the one thing we went there to get.

Now, I was debating on whether I wanted to make this....

A glass-half-empty type blog: 'we got punked by the umps', 'we didn't play our best when the best was needed', 'it's too hard to come back through the loser's bracket', 'we didn't try hard enough'...


A glass-half-full type blog: 'we held the number one ranking nationally, in BOTH polls for an entire calendar year' (which is honestly go out there every SINGLE day proving that we are truly the best team in the country), 'we won the Pac-10 out right for the first time in 10 years', 'we broke numerous records (and by `we' I mean, well, most of them being pitching)', 'we played with a passion that has inspired the community around us', 'we brought back the program's first ever National Championship just over a year ago', and 'we still get the opportunity to wake up each morning, brush our teeth (because that is gross if we didn't do that), and take advantage of being able to even play this game, play a collegiate sport, with the most inspiring girls on the planet, who have incredible families that love each girl like they were their own, and fans who didn't want anything but the best for us (mostly) and never once didn't believe in us (I'm pretty sure)'.

Looks like I had a slight bit more to say about the half-full glass. I can honestly say that right now, and for a little while, a little piece of my heart feels like it was ripped out, stomped on, put through a garlic chopper, tossed on the George Foreman griddle for too long and then stapled back into my heart while it was still on fire.

I will never forget this 2010 team. My collegiate career is over forever (I cried the hardest as I was taking off my spikes to put back in my bat bag) but honestly, the things that I will take away from this experience are so much bigger than the game. Um, of course it would have been nice to have another trophy, but if I had to choose between making awesome, life long friends who will one day be godparents to my children and winning 8 million National Championships....I would choose the Championships. Siiiiiiiiiike!!

But in all honesty, I can't believe it is over.

It feels like I had a really bad nightmare and woke up to wetting my bed and then now all I really want is for my parents to make it all better.

That was the most disgusting metaphor I think I could have come up with. But effective nonetheless.

I have had the most marvelous collegiate career that anyone could ask for. I will probably live in the glory days for the next 30 years and my poor husband and children will probably have to go to the batting cages with me so I can get my hitting fix (because unluckily my last at bat was less than satisfying). But I WASSSS recruited to play co-ed SLOWPITCH softball this summer, so I can now drive 'changeups' into the right center gap for the rest of my life (if I don't pull them into the parking lot or street that's about 100 feet from the right field line). That will be fun!

This is convenient: a lady that I work with sent out this 'Thought for the Day' email this morning and I actually just happened to read it as I was starting this blog: 'We will be known forever by the tracks that we leave' Dakota Proverb. That's pretty fitting. I have had numerous girls under the age of 18 tell me how much they look up to our team, that their favorite color is purple, that we inspire them to be better people and players. I had a girl, Jessie (Jessy?) come to the world series wearing a homemade 'Breakin it Down with Bailey' t-shirt that had my quote that I made up after the Cal series on the back of it and Stenson 20 on the sleeve!! When she came up to me after the last game, with tears in HER eyes, asking me to take a picture with her, I had to struggle to hold it together (which I sure didn't, I wear my emotions on my sleeve, its hereditary...thanks mom) I realized...

THAT is why we play. We leave our tracks and people want to be better because of it. Alumni: That's YOU!!!! Seniors: that's YOU!!! Juniors: that's YOU!! Sophomores: that's YOU! Freshmen: keep it going :)

I love my team. I love our fans. I love Seattle. Thanks to the coaches for recruiting me. I thank my family (you guys are the reason I am here!), I thank God (actually, YOU are the reason I am here) and I thank my girls for making this ride an enjoyable one. Thank you to the 964 BIDWB fans I have on Facebook, you guys have been SOOOOOOOO supportive, I never thought I would actually get passed 200, but to almost have 1,000 people join my page, that's unreal.

Now here's the most commonly asked question: What does the future hold for Breakin it Down with Bailey?? Well I will leave it up to you: Would you rather...I keep doing it??? Or I take my show and hit the road (who knows, maybe I will be the next Oprah/Chelsea Lately/Jerry Springer).

Wow, my last `official' blog as a UW softball player...


Love, 20

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