The Latest Edition of '82 Review'

June 16, 2010

This is the second edition of the `82 Review'! I am in the middle of a 16-hour car ride from Kansas City to Virginia right now. My mom, sister Hannah, my dog and I are driving the car out to our new home in Leesburg, VA.

We just finished finals week at school which went well, I had two papers and one in-class final. My history paper was pretty difficult, it was on Francesco Petrarch's contribution to humanist political theory. I spent most of the previous weekend working on my two papers and studying for my final.

I am glad to have a break from school and have a chance to mentally prepare for our summer workouts. We get 10 days off before we have to report back for summer school and workouts (June 21). I am excited to have the chance to visit my dad and spend time with my family at our new home in Virginia. I will also have the chance to go watch the Redskins OTA's practices this Wednesday through Friday. I am excited to see Terrance Austin and Logan Paulson represent the 2010 class of Bruins in the NFL as they practice with the Redskins. I am also excited to see Donovan McNabb, who has always been one of my favorite NFL players. It will be an exciting week.

My mom, sister and I plan on going into Washington D.C for a day to check out some of the museums. During our trip to the Eagle Bank Bowl in December, I had the opportunity to tour the Capitol and the Monuments, but I didn't get the chance to see some of the other hotspots of D.C. I am a huge history buff, so there are a lot of things I want to try and check out while I am in D.C for the week.

I will also be spending a lot of time watching the World Cup. I am hoping for a U.S. victory, and the team looked good in its first game against England. My other two teams are France and Argentina. It is fun watching the most popular sport in the world and seeing the athletes represent their entire country.

Since my last entry, we had a week of passing and lifting with the team, which ended on a high note leading into summer. Randall Carroll made a few spectacular catches on some deep balls during the last day of throwing. Akeem Ayers made a great interception on an out-route, stretching out and making an impressive catch. I am always amazed at his freakish athletic ability. We had a few days off from lifting so we could focus on finals. However, the team went in for voluntary workouts throughout the week. I have to give a shout out to Rahim Moore, my workout partner for most of the week, and Courtney Viney, who made our sprints very competitive. Our summer workouts begin June 21, which is also the same day that the incoming freshmen will begin their careers at UCLA.

I have to give BIG Congratulations to the UCLA softball team! It brought home another UCLA National Championship adding to our lead over all other schools in the nation. Nathan Chandler, Kai Maiava, Michael Harris, Darius Savage and I watched all the games at our apartment. It was exciting to see UCLA represented so well, we are all proud of their accomplishments and congratulate them for their achievements. Also this past weekend Nathan Chandler, Glenn Love and Kai Maiava all celebrated their 21st birthdays! So big Happy Birthday to them.

I have to give a special shout out to coach John Wooden. It was a sad day for all Bruins when Coach Wooden passed away. He will be missed and always remembered by Bruins as well as the entire sporting community. He was not only one of the most successful coachess in the world, but also displayed some of the greatest character I have seen from an individual. He represents the image of a Bruin to a T. We know he is in a better place looking down upon the whole Bruin Nation.

I will be checking in when we return for summer workouts, and I am excited to begin our journey to a successful 2010-11 season.