Pac-12 Digital launch connects fans everywhere with the sports and schools they love

Innovation is a big part of Pac-12’s heritage. It’s only fitting that today’s launch of Pac-12 Digital is a big step forward, not only in college athletics and the Pac-12, but in setting a new standard for dazzling fans' experiences with their favorite teams across multiple platforms. Built from the ground up, Pac-12 Digital is devoted to providing our fans with 24/7 access to hundreds of live events, feature stories and other content when and where they want.

If the pace of activity sounds like a startup, you’re right. We began this journey about six months ago and set out to build the foundation for a full-fledged digital network that will provide content and community across all platforms. Today we launched a new and our TV Everywhere fan experience, Pac-12 Now, marking the first time any broadcaster has launched TV Everywhere at the same time as a television network. will focus on providing video and other great content about our athletics and student athletes, helping fans engage with their favorite teams across myriad platforms.

[Watch: TV Everywhere, explained]

Our organization – funded from a robust business model based on the value of our universities’ championship-caliber content – is a big vision. Our staff built successful careers across Silicon Valley, and is working to reshape how fans engage with the Pac-12 teams they love in a number of ways:

  • Pac-12 Digital is differentiated by the sheer amount of content fans can experience around the clock. Through close coordination with our 12 member universities, we will have thousands of hours of live streaming content, off-the-field reporting and pre- and post-game analysis.
  • Pac-12 Now, our TV Everywhere capability, makes more than 850 live events and other programs available to subscribers of our television partners. This is live today at and will be available through our iPad app in the coming week and through mobile devices later this fall.  Fans simply authenticate with the credentials provided by one of Pac-12 Networks’ television distribution partners.

We’re confident that the user experience in all of these platforms will delight fans, thanks to the partnerships we’ve forged to personalize our content and deliver it how and where our fans want. We’ve partnered with some of the most innovative companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. Ooyala is powering our video platform, including Pac-12 Now, helping us create a social and personalized video experiences across a variety of devices. XOS is powering the new CBS Sports and Neulion continue to work with us and our 12 universities to power our websites. SnappyTV will allow us to create on-the-fly video editing and publishing. Mass Relevance, a social media integration platform, will help us create curated social experience for fans.

While we’re proud of what we have to offer today, this innovation will unlock even better opportunities for fans in the future. Stay tuned to Pac-12 Insider to learn about what’s going on behind the scenes and how fans’ can get closer to the sports and schools they love than ever before. And here's a taste of our new schedule site feature, and attitude:

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