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Pac-12 fans,

We read every Facebook comment and tweet from you guys. Really, every single one. We know some of your names by heart at this point, and we worry about your well-being when we don’t hear from you. Here are some questions we’ve been seeing a lot lately, and here’s what we can answer definitively:

Why isn’t my TV provider distributing in my area? Isn’t this a national network?

Pac-12 Networks is indeed national. Our carriers are offering our Networks in many of the largest TV markets across the country, both inside and outside of our conference footprint. But there still are select markets outside of Pac-12 territory where our distributors have not yet rolled out Pac-12 Networks. All Pac-12 Networks distributors have the right to offer all seven of our Networks to all of their subscribers across the country.  We repeat: all of our distribution partners have the option to offer our Networks on their systems.

Here’s the thing: our distributors decide how to package the Networks in the outer markets like Chicago, Washington D.C. and Houston. That’s where you guys come in. You have to push your carriers to distribute Pac-12 Networks. Tell them you want the Networks, you need the Networks, you might die if you don’t get the Networks. Our staff is relaying your sense of urgency in the negotiations, but the carriers need to hear it from you, the fans, because that’s ultimately where their money is coming from. You can do that by emailing your provider through our Channel Finder at

I’m a Comcast subscriber, but I still can’t watch the Pac-12 Networks’ live stream on What’s the deal?

Comcast is working to provide you with the content you want. They’ll be offering Pac-12 Networks content on Xfinity TV’s online platform by the second week of September, and we’re working with them to enable Pac-12 Networks on Pac-12 Now, our live stream app. Follow @pac12 and @comcastcares on Twitter and you’ll get the information as soon as it’s available.

Can’t I just pay to watch online even if I don’t have the Pac-12 Networks on my TV?

You need to have the Pac-12 Networks as part of your paid TV package in order to watch online. That’s the structure under which our Networks were set up.

You still haven’t answered my question. Where should I go?

We have a pretty nifty support page on that addresses a wide range of topics. Maybe the answer to your question is there.

Believe us when we say we’re working around the clock to secure distribution with carriers nationwide—we want you to have access to our Networks as badly as you want to watch them. Thank you for your patience, and keep pushing your providers.

Here's Pac-12 Enterprises President Gary Stevenson addressing Pac-12 Networks distribution:

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