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A day from the kickoff of the 2012 football season, the biggest question we’re getting from fans is this: “Will I get to see my team’s game?”

And when you look at the great teams our schools are fielding this year and the history that’s being made – from new coaches to renovated stadiums and more – the last thing we want is for Pac-12 fans to miss out on the games they want.

We designed Pac-12 Networks to give our diverse fan base the games they want – six regional networks devoted to their hometown teams’ live events and off-the-field programming, and one national network that delivers the best of what’s happening across the Pac-12 Conference.

So why are seven networks better than one?  It means our fans get programming that’s tailored to them.  If you’re a Beavers fan living in Portland, you’ll get Oregon State home football games and dozens of other live events through Pac-12 Oregon.  If you’re a Arizona student living on the other side of town, you won’t miss the Wildcats’ big matchup against Oklahoma State on September 8 through Pac-12 Arizona.  And if you’re a Pac-12 fan living on the East Coast, you can get a huge selection of live events through Pac-12 National.

This regionalized approach allows us to deliver games to the broadest number of fans as possible – in fact, more fans can watch Pac-12 sports than at any time in history.  Does it mean that every Pac-12 fan can tune in and watch every game he or she wants, like the Utes football fan living in Louisiana?  While we’d like it that way – and have offered all seven of our networks to all of our distribution partners – it’s up to each provider to decide what content to make available to customers.

So here’s what you can do:

Stay updated on what’s on all seven of our Pac-12 Networks, including the one in your area, through our new schedule.  If you want to see something that’s on a Network that you don’t currently receive, check out Pac-12 Now, which allows fans who subscribe to one of our participating television distributors to watch live at and, later this fall, through apps for iPad, iPhone and Android.

If you don’t currently get the Pac-12 Networks – tell your television provider you want it.


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