Our iPad app drops in time for football

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We’re pleased to announce Pac-12 Now for iPad, our first foray into enabling fans to watch Pac-12 Networks live channels as well a growing collection of on-demand videos from the comfort of... wherever you happen to be.

The iPad is a fantastic device for watching video, and Pac-12 Now delivers gobs of video including live and on-demand games, highlights, and feature stories about our student-athletes and universities.

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Our team started this project less than four months ago with the goal of being the first TV network in history to provide online viewing on the same day our channels launched.  Done.  Now, in advance of the first football game to air live on Pac-12 Networks this week, we are proud to also make this amazing content available through the Pac-12 Now on the iPad as well as the Web.

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Full disclosure: In order to watch Pac-12 Networks broadcast content on the Web or iPad, you must get a Pac-12 channel as part of your pay TV service with Brighthouse, Cox, or Time Warner Cable. We're working closely with other partners including Comcast, Frontier, Bend Broadband and others, to facilitate authentication as soon as possible. We're also negotiating with new distributors. Your patience will be worth it.

Better news: Pac-12 Now for iPad is free. Download it today from the App Store:

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And here's how it looks in real life:

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