How to watch all six of this weekend’s football matchups through Pac-12 Now

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The weekend has arrived – and that means another great Saturday for football fans.  Pac-12 Networks will broadcast six matchups this weekend, so check out our schedule to find the live broadcast for your favorite team. We’ve got #4 Oregon hosting Fresno State, #18 Oklahoma State traveling to Arizona, #25 Stanford at home against Duke, as well as the Colorado-Sacramento State, Cal-Southern Utah, and Washington State vs. Eastern Washington matchups.

This jam-packed weekend means that some games are scheduled for the same time – we will use the flexibility of having seven networks to manage the occasional scheduling conflicts that we will face throughout the year. For example, we have three games in the 12:00 p.m. window Saturday: Washington State vs. Eastern Washington, Cal vs. Southern Utah and Colorado vs. Sacramento State. We will show the WSU game on the Washington and Oregon regional networks, the Colorado game will be on the Mountain regional and Cal will be on the national network and the three other regionals – Bay Area, Los Angeles and Arizona. At 7:30 p.m., we have two more games sharing the same window – Arizona vs. Oklahoma State and Stanford vs. Duke. The Stanford game will be on Pac-12 Bay Area, while the Arizona game goes to the national network and the five other regionals.

If you are a Comcast, Cox, Time Warner or Bright House subscriber and you can’t find the game you want on your television dial, you can watch all seven networks live on connected devices through TV Everywhere. Comcast, which just activated their Xfinity service for the Pac-12, will allow fans to access the seven networks through their computers. They do not have iPad capabilities at this time. Cox, Time Warner and Bright House make the networks available on computers and iPads through Pac-12 Now. Many other providers, including Bend Broadband, Frontier Communications and Suddenlink, are still in the process of activating the Pac-12 Now service and will have it available for their subscribers in the coming weeks.

Here’s how it works.  If you’re a Comcast subscriber, all seven Pac-12 Networks are available through Comcast’s XfinityTV website (you can find the full lineup here).  If you subscribe to Bright House, Cox, or Time Warner Cable, just visit and enter your user ID and password for your television provider or download the Pac-12 Now iPad app at the App Store.

We make Pac-12 Now – and all of our seven networks, for that matter – available to our television providers.  It’s up to them to decide what content to make available to you.  If you don’t have the access you want, we suggest contacting your provider.

Still wondering why there are seven different Pac-12 Networks?  The answer is simple: we wanted fans to get programming that’s tailored to them.  You can read more about it in a recent post on Pac-12 Networks Insider.

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