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Oregon tabbed to win Pac-12 title in preseason media poll

Jul 25, 2013
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CULVER CITY, Calif. - OREGON is the favorite to win the 2013 Pac-12 Conference football title in a preseason poll of media members who cover the league.  The Ducks were listed in the top spot in the North Division by 15 of the 26 voters participating in the poll, collecting 145 points.  Fourteen of those pollsters tabbed the Ducks to come out on top in the Pac-12 Championship Game.  STANFORD was picked to finish second in the North Division, collecting 11 first-place votes in the balloting for the division race.

UCLA was picked to win the South Division, garnering 135 points and 12 first-place votes, while ARIZONA STATE, which tallied 10 first-place votes, and collected 130 points, was pegged a close second in this year’s poll. USC was predicted by the voters to finish third in the South Division, claiming the remaining four first place votes.

The media poll has correctly selected the Conference Champion in 28 of 52 previous polls, including 11 of the last 13. Following are the results of the preseason media poll (points 6-5-4-3-2-1, first-place votes in parentheses):


         1.   Oregon (15)............... 145

         2.   Stanford (11)............. 139

         3.   Oregon State............... 95

         4.   Washington................. 84

         5.   California..................... 47

         6.   Washington State......... 33


         1.   UCLA (12)................. 135

         2.   Arizona State (10)...... 130

         3.   USC (4)..................... 117

         4.   Arizona ....................... 76

         5.   Utah........................... 60

         6.   Colorado...................... 28

PAC-12 TITLE GAME CHAMPION: Oregon (14 votes)

Others receiving votes: Stanford (8), UCLA (3)

The 2013 Pac-12 Championship Football Game will take place Saturday, December 7 at 4:45 p.m. or 5 p.m. PT and telecast to a national audience on ESPN or ABC. The Championship game will match the winner of the North Division vs. the winner of the South Division. The game will be played on the campus of the division winner with the best overall conference record. The winner of the Pac-12 Championship will earn the league’s automatic BCS berth.

POLL NOTES:  Preseason media poll has correctly picked the Conference champion 28 of 52 times and has been very accurate of late, correctly identifying the Conference champion in 11 of the last 13 years … Oregon is picked to win the league for the third time in four years, and fourth overall (2001, 2010, 2011, 2013). The prognosticators were correct the first three times they slotted the Ducks first.


Year  Media Poll Pick   Actual Finish

1961  UCLA                  1st

1962  Washington        2nd

1963  USC                   2nd

1964  Washington        3rd

1965  USC                   2nd

1966  USC                    1st

1967  USC                    1st

1968  USC                    1st

1969  USC                    1st

1970  USC                    6th

1971  USC                   2nd

1972  USC                    1st

1973  USC                    1st

1974  USC                    1st

1975  USC                    5th

1976  USC                    1st

1977  USC                   2nd

1978  USC                    1st

1979  USC                    1st

1980  USC                    3rd

1981  USC                   2nd

1982  USC                    3rd

1983  Arizona                5th

1984  UCLA                  3rd

1985  USC                    4th

1986  UCLA                 2nd

1987  UCLA                 2nd

1988  UCLA                 2nd

1989  USC                    1st

1990  Washington            1st

1991  Washington            1st

1992  Washington            1st

1993  Washington            4th

1994  Arizona                2nd

1995  USC                      1st

1996  USC                     5th

1997  Washington            4th

1998  UCLA                    1st

1999  Arizona                 6th

2000  Washington            1st

2001  Oregon                  1st

2002  Washington State 1st

2003  USC                      1st

2004  USC                      1st

2005  USC                      1st

2006  USC                      1st

2007  USC                      1st

2008  USC                      1st

2009  USC                     5th

2010  Oregon                  1st

2011  Oregon                  1st

2012  USC                T2nd/S

2013  Oregon                    ?


Rose Bowl/BCS          Predicted 

Representative             Finish

UCLA                             1st

USC                               2nd

Washington                    2nd

Oregon State                 6th

UCLA                             7th

USC                               1st

USC                               1st

USC                               1st

USC                               1st

Stanford                         2nd

Stanford                         2nd

USC                               1st

USC                               1st

USC                               1st

UCLA                             3rd

USC                               1st

Washington                    3rd

USC                               1st

USC                               1st

Washington                    3rd

Washington                    4th

UCLA                             3rd

UCLA                             5th

USC                               3rd

UCLA                             5th

Arizona State                 4th

USC                               4th

USC                               2nd

USC                               1st

Washington                    1st

Washington                    1st

Washington                    1st

UCLA                              6th

Oregon                           8th

USC                                1st

Arizona State                  2nd

Washington State           7th

UCLA                              1st

Stanford                          8th

Washington                     1st

Oregon                            1st

Washington State            1st

USC                                 1st

USC                                 1st

USC                                 1st

USC                                 1st

USC                                 1st

USC                                 1st

Oregon                            3rd

Oregon                            1st

Oregon                            1st

Stanford                         2nd/N