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ASU Water Polo Tabs 8 to ACWPA All-Academic Team

Aug 2, 2013

TEMPE -- Eight members of the Arizona State University water polo team were honored as the Association of Collegiate Water Polo Coaches released its annual All-Academic Awards, the ACWPA has announced.

Senior Amanda Young earned an “Outstanding” recognition based on her 4.00 G.P.A. she has carried through her first year of graduate school and it made her just ASU’s fourth full-time selection in program history.

Additionally, the team's cumulative G.P.A. of 3.03 earned the squad a spot on the ACWPA All-Academic Teams list as well. 

Seniors Shannon Haas and Alicia Brightwell each nabbed “Superior” recognition for their work in the classroom with Haas graduating with a 3.51 G.P.A. and a double major in early childhood education and family and human development.  She also became a four-time ACWPA All-Academic selection and the fifth in ASU history in the process.

Brightwell earned All-Academic honors for the second consecutive season, finishing with a 3.49 G.P.A. in general studies.

Freshman Abigail Kerth also cracked the list for the first time in her career, finishing the year with a 3.57 G.P.A. in business.

Earning a nod in the “Excellence” category were sophomore Anna Kertes, Ao Gao and Liz Kreek while freshman Katie Sverchek also made the list. 

Kreek was an All-Academic selection for the second consecutive season while Kertes, Gao and Sverchek were all first-time honorees.

Notable about this season’s sections was the fact that Brightwell, Haas and Gao were also All-Americans this season while those three in addition to Kertes were among the team’s consistent starters throughout the season with Kreek, Sverchek, Young and Kerth all seeing significant time as well.


The All-Academic awards are separated into three tiers based upon the overall GPA of student-athletes.  An `Outstanding' merit level is granted to those with a GPA ranging from 3.71 to 4.00, a `Superior' honor to those with a 3.41 to 3.70 GPA and an `Excellent' rating to those with a GPA between 3.20 a 3.40.

Overall, 39 Sun Devils have earned ACWPC All-Academic honors in their careers in Tempe with a total of 70 accolades combined. Of those 39 women, 17 have been honored two or more times in their careers.  The Sun Devils have made the All-Academic Team as a program in seven seasons now and three of the last four. 

Outstanding (4.00-3.71)

• Amanda Young

Superior (3.70-3.41)

• Shannon Haas, Abigail Kerth, Alicia Brightwell

Excellent (3.40-3.20)

• Anna Kertes, Liz Kreek, Katie Sverchek, Ao Gao

All-Time Honorees

Arizona State (Team): 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011
, 2013
 Bentley, Elaine - 2005 (E)

 Bower, Ashley - 2004 (O), 2005 (E), 2007 (O)

 Brightwell, Alicia - 2012 (O), 2013 (S)
 Buck, Kim - 2007 (E)

 Campo, Jennifer - 2007 (S), 2008 (S), 2009 (S)

 Carter, Annabelle - 2010 (E), 2011 (E), 2012 (E)
 Clopp, Becca - 2010 (O)

 Fowler, Makenzy - 2012 (O)
 Gronow, Ali - 2007 (O)

 Haas, Shannon - 2010 (S), 2011 (O), 2012 (S), 2013 (S) Harris, Sarah - 2010 (E), 2011 (S)

 Harvey, Dana - 2010 (E)

 Hayes, Lauren - 2008 (E)

 Hedley, Katie - 2005 (E), 2007 (E)

 Hutchinson, Ianeta - 2011 (O), 2012 (O)

 Jacobson, Lauren - 2004 (S)

 Kertes, Anna - 2012 (O)
 Kerth, Abigail – 2013 (S) Kreek, Liz - 2012 (O)
 Lawlor, Katy - 2007 (E), 2008 (E)

 Miles, Bonnie - 2007 (S), 2008 (S), 2009 (S), 2010 (O)

 Mota, Adriane - 2004 (E), 2005 (S)

 Newman, Holly - 2005 (E)

 Phillippe, Candice - 2008 (S)

 Reed, Jaron - 2007 (S)

 Rempfer, Heather - 2004 (S)

 Salloum, Mariam - 2009 (S), 2010 (O), 2011 (O), 2012 (O)
 Sanderson, Jennifer - 2004 (S)

 Schubert, Sam - 2009 (S)

 Stibbe, Christy - 2008 (E)

 Unbehaun, Nikki - 2008 (S), 2009 (S), 2010 (S), 2011 (S)

 Wallace, Caylinn - 2005 (O), 2007 (S), 2008 (S)

 Walsh, Kari - 2007 (E)

 Williams, Lindsay - 2007 (E)

 Wyborny, Tessa - 2004 (S), 2005 (S)

 Young, Amanda - 2010 (S), 2011 (S), 2012 (E), 2013 (O)

O - Outstanding (4.00-3.71 gpa) • S - Superior (3.70-3.41) • E - Excellent (3.40-3.20)

All-Academic Eligibility Standards

1. Any varsity athlete meeting NCAA eligibility requirements who was a regular member of your varsity squad.

2. Athlete must be an active participant on your team having competed in at least fifty-percent (50%) of games in the current season (may not be a red shirt-athlete).

3. This is an honor restricted to the top players who meet the academic requirement, only the top eighteen (18) players from each team may be nominated.

4. Athlete must have a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.2 or higher for their collegiate career.

5. Athlete must be a full-time student.

6. Athlete may be a freshman.

7. Athlete Merit Levels:

          3.2 to 3.4: Excellent 

          3.41 to 3.7: Superior

          3.71 to 4.0: Outstanding