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How You Can Help The Goethals Family

Aug 9, 2013

Over the past several years, Megan Goethals has proven herself to be one of the toughest and hardest-working Huskies in school history, earning eight All-America honors and scoring 20 points over three years at the NCAA Outdoor Championships. Recently, Megan's mother, Diane, was diagnosed with cancer. In an effort to raise money to afford the medical costs of fighting this battle, the Goethals family is holding a fundraiser this weekend in their hometown of Rochester, Michigan. Fittingly, the event will be focused around sports, specifically track and soccer, the choices of the four Goethals children.

From the event's website: "The Goethals 24 Hour Challenge is a non-stop 24 hour soccer game and relay run / walk to say thanks to Diane and raise awareness of fundraising efforts.  The goal is to raise as much money as possible to assist the family with expenses (medical, school, etc.)."

Husky Head Coach Greg Metcalf said about Megan, "Megan Goethals has battled her entire career as a Husky displaying unequaled toughness.   Right now her mom is facing an even tougher battle with Cancer.  This Saturday the Goethals Family and the Rochester Community are hosting a fundraising event to help cover the mounting medical expenses.  If you would like to help out please click on the link and donate."

Thank you, Husky Family!