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Active Recovery: Pool Training

Aug 17, 2013

TUCSON, Ariz. In the first week of preseason training, the Arizona soccer conditioning coach, Jim Krumpos, has taken the team through pool exercises in order to help the recovery process through fall camp training.

Junior forward Emily Lai gives her take on the pool workouts: 

Why is training in a pool different than the regular strength training you’re used to?

“Jim, our strength coach, knows the real differences in the muscles used in the pool compared to regular strength training. But for me, it’s a lot harder in the pool because it is a full body work out compared to strength training which has a main muscle focus for each lift.”

What benefits do you feel come from working out in the pool?

“Swimming is an overall body workout. I think we benefit from it by strengthening our arms and back, while at the same time giving our legs a good and much needed break.”

What is the importance of different methods of training?

“The pool work outs are a great way to give our legs a break but also change up the scenery. During the preseason, especially, we are constantly either on the field or in the weight room. It’s important but also fun to change things up a little and see which teammates either sink or swim.”

Head coach Tony Amato has implemented the use of pool training in his previous seasons at Stephen F. Austin to help his team both train and recover at the same time.

“The biggest thing we have used the pool for is recovery. It’s really important because preseason becomes so long and extensive on their bodies. We get them in the pool to either get a work out where it’s less beating on their bodies in terms of pounding on the ground. It’s a way to get the team together to get a work out in and have a recovery that isn’t so taxing on their legs.  It helps prevent injuries and give a cross training aspect in preseason. We implement it now but we will use it throughout the year to make sure they are recovering and doing the things needed to be able to bounce back and play two games in three days.”

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