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Fall Camp, Day #15: Riley Announces Redshirts

Aug 19, 2013

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CORVALLIS, Ore. – Monday was a relatively quiet day on the practice fields of the Prothro Football Complex but head coach Mike Riley did generate some attention when he announced which freshmen would play in 2013.

“I talked to all the freshmen Saturday afternoon and the guys that are likely not to redshirt are Brandon Arnold, Dashon Hunt and Darrell Songy,” Riley said. “Guys that are still on the bubble that I might like to redshirt but may not be able to because of how they are playing are Victor Bolden and Sean Harlow. The rest of guys are redshirting so it’s a good, large number and I always like to redshirt if I can.”

With the redshirt decisions made, the Beavers spent the last 30 minutes of practice working on ‘game prep’ specifically preparing for the season opener against Eastern Washington.

“I’m trying to mix in a half hour of special teams, a half hour of individual work, a half hour of interaction against the Beavers and a half hour Eastern Washington game prep and we’ll increase that as we go.”

Today is the Beavers’ fifth double day with the 18th practice of the fall starting at 6:30 this evening. They’ll be back on the practice field on Tuesday at 11 a.m. All practices are open to the public.

Getting to Know the Young Guys

Last week, Trevor Cramer from OSU’s Athletic Communications office caught up with receiver Hunter Jarmon to get a little more insight into the freshman:

What sport would you pay to watch?  Baseball.

If Chef Raul was cooking and you made the menu, what would be on it?  All Cajun and Texan food … barbecue, étouffée … all that.

Which NFL player do you model your game after?  Justin Blackmon because he’s one of the most physical receivers I’ve ever seen.

Why did you choose number 2?  Number 2 has been a special number to me because growing up playing baseball I never knew which number to pick, so I’d always have 15 or 30 or whatever. One of my coaches, Donnie Schneider, told me to choose a number with 2 in it because that was his favorite number. After he passed away when I was nine it just kind of became a remembrance for him.

What Oregon State sport are you most looking forward to watching?  The volleyball team.

What sealed the deal for you to come to Oregon State?  Three people, Coach Brennan, Coach Riley and Coach Brasfield. They separated themselves from any other coaching staff.

If you didn’t play football what would you do with your time?  I’d be playing baseball.

Season tickets remain available and single game tickets are on as well. For information on the all of OSU’s ticket plans for the 2013 season, please access or call 1-800-GO-BEAVS during business hours. Current season ticket holders can keep an eye on their mailboxes as the freshly printed and newly formatted season ticket books were mailed last weekend for delivery this week.