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Buffs Give Strong Showing At Time Trial

Aug 31, 2013

Complete Results

BOULDER  —The University of Colorado cross country season is off and running after a successful start at the CU Time Trial on Saturday morning at the Buffalo Ranch Cross Country Course on CU’s South Campus.

“A big group of men came in together and a big group of women came in together; those are sort of our varsities,” coach Mark Wetmore said. “At this time in the year, we’re beginning to look at the people who couldn’t keep up as the kind of ‘break pan’ in the varsity. The time that I’m looking for is the first person who couldn’t keep up; in both the men’s case and the women’s case, that person was pretty fast this year. If we’re allowed to run nine in our conference championship, I’m looking for the eighth runner here today, and that’s the time that matters to me. Today, it was good.”

In keeping with a CU Time Trial tradition, the veterans allowed the youngest member of the team, who had stuck with the lead pack, cross the finish first.

On the men’s side that was Ben Saarel, crossing the 8-kilometer finish in 26:19. Right on his heels was another freshman, Zach Perrin (26:19). Both ran the race unattached.

Connor Winter, Ammar Moussa and Blake Theroux were one second back from the freshmen with a time of 26:20 for third, fourth and fifth-place, respectively. Pierce Murphy was seventh and Dillon Shije placed eighth sharing a time of 26:21. Hugh Dowdy was not far behind his teammates, coming in ninth in 26:28. David Kilgore was the final Buff harrier to finish the race and came in 12th in 27:39.

“The time trial is about the same every year,” Theroux said. “You have a tight-knit group of guys that have been training hard. A lot of us are excited about the two freshmen that we have. They looked really good. For a freshman to come out and look that good at the time trial is a really good sign. For a lot of us, this has been our second or third time doing it, so we knew what to expect.”

Winter is excited about the great depth that the men are already showing this early in the season. “The depth is good. We have had some setbacks as anyone does every year, but when we have the depth that we have and have a lot of young guys, that is the key. We have 10 solid guys that are very interchangeable, and nobody feels comfortable where they are and has a ‘secure’ spot; that’s a good thing. That is very competitive in itself as well as on the national stage.”

The women ran very similarly to the men with a pair of unattached freshmen winning their 5.8k race. Melanie Nun and Erin Clark finished 1-2 in 22:16. Five other CU women came in just behind the duo. Catrina McAlister (third) also clocked in at 22:16 and transfer Abbey Levene (fourth) came in just behind at 22:17. Carrie Verdon (22:17) took fifth with the same time as Levene, although she did not run in uniform. Courtney Bouchet and Jana Stolting were the sixth and seventh-place finishers, respectively, again with the same time (22:17).

The Buffs had three other women finish in a close pack a little later in the race. Elizabeth Tremblay, Jenny DeSouchet and Maddie Alm were ninth, 10th and 11th, respectively. Tremblay recorded a time of 22:32, while DeSouchet came in at 22:45. Alm had a time of 22:59.

“I’m really excited about the group that we have,” Bouchet said. “It’s not about just having a couple of girls who are doing well and going fast. It’s the fact that we have seven really strong girls who can finish together in a race like this. The people who were behind us were not far behind, so I think that’s an awesome thing to have. Plus, when Shalaya (Kipp) is back, we’ll have another. I think that depth is really important in this sport.”

CU will now have four weeks off to prepare for their next competition, another home meet, the Rocky Mountain Shootout on Sept. 28.

“The first thing that happens at the [Rocky Mountain] Shootout is that everyone runs hard,” Wetmore said. “There aren’t six or seven men or women running along together; that’s the first thing we look for. We’d like the weather maybe to be a little cooler; and the course then is trimmed and snipped out a little more. It usually makes about a minute of a difference for the men and 30 or 40 seconds for the women, but that’s really when we identify the championship varsity teams; when everyone is in a uniform and is a little better rested. The women ran up to 12 miles on Thursday, and the men ran 15 or 16 miles on Thursday, so they’re coming here a little bit leg-wearied.”

The Buffs will also have one more ‘home’ meet this season as they host the 2013 Pac-12 Championships on Nov. 2 at Coal Creek Golf Course. More information on the meet can be found at as it becomes available.


Buffalo Ranch Cross Country Course (Boulder, Colo.)

No Team Scoring


Men’s 8-kilometers Results

1. Ben Saarel, unattached, 26:19; 2. Zach Perrin, unattached, 26:29; 3. Connor Winter, CU, 26:20; 4. Ammar Moussa, CU, 26:20; 5. Blake Theroux, CU, 26:20; 6. Thomas Dialynsa, unattached, 26:21; 7. Pierce Murphy, CU, 26:21; 8. Dillon Shije, CU, 26:21; 9. Hugh Dowdy, CU, 26:38; 10. Jackson Friesth, unattached, 26:51; 11. Adam Peterman, unattached, 26:59; 12. David Kilgore, CU, 27:39; 13. Nick Hall, Colorado College, 28:28; 14. Sean Dougherty, unattached, 28:40; 15. Will Richmond, Colorado College, 28:54; 16. Brad Ziegler, unattached, 29:05; 17. Graham Frank, Colorado College, 29:14; 18. Bryan Manley, unattached, 29:14; 19. Panos Smyrnios, unattached, 29:16; 20. Tyler Scholl, unattached, 29:23; 21. Joey Schultz, unattached, 29:39; 22. Jacob Rothman, Colorado College, 30:31; 23. Jeffery Cook, unattached, 30:54; 24. David Emmert, unattached, 31:07; 25. Brian Ream, unattached, 31:09; 26. Whit Henderson, Colorado College, 32:36; 27. Thom Richman, unattached, 32:39; 28. Shawn Scholl, unattached, 32:54; 29. Andre Lacroix, Johnson & Wales, 33:53; 30. Jamal Brooks, Johnson & Wales, 35:50.

Women’s 5.8-kilometer Results

1. Melanie Nun, unattached, 22:16; 2. Erin Clark, unattached, 22:16; 3. Catrina McAlister, CU, 22:16; 4. Abbey Levene, CU, 22:17; 5. Carrie Verdon, unattached, 22:17; 6. Courtney Bouchet, CU, 22:17; 7. Jana Stolting, CU, 22:17; 8. Hagen Reedy, unattached, 22:26; 9. Elizabeth Tremblay, CU, 22:32; 10. Jenny DeSouchet, CU, 22:45; 11. Maddie Alm, CU, 22:59; 12. Erin Kelly, unattached, 23:15; 13. Eryn Blakely, unattached,  23:57; 14. Janey Heard, unattached,  24:48; 15. Olivia Rintala, unattached, 25:37; 16. Taylor Hickey, Johnson & Wales, 26:16; 17. Olivia Redmann, Johnson & Wales, 26:32; 18. Steph Scholl, unattached, 26:46; 19. Beryl Coulter, Colorado College, 26:53; 20. Erin Morrow, Colorado College, 27:23; 21. Betsie Hopper, Colorado College, 27:33; 22. Samantha Barela, Johnson & Wales, 27:37; 23. Anne Taylor, Colorado College, 28:15; 24. Mary Rose Rudzinski, unattached, 34:45.