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Christian Coming Full Circle At OSU

Sep 6, 2013

By Kay M Roth

Steven Christian has a flare for athletics, art and education.

“I’m a jack of all trades,” the Beaver safety said after practice last week.

His road to Corvallis, where he is studying a wide variety of subjects, took him from John F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento and then across the Pacific to Hawai’i before winding back to OSU.

“I’m glad I took my route to Hawaii and glad I took my route to here,” he said.

Christian is in his second year at OSU but was familiar with Corvallis and the Beavers long before he wore the orange and black.

“I’ve been coming up here since I was 10 or 11,” he said, explaining that he spent many of the summers of his youth attending football camp at OSU. “I was always one of those kids running around during summer camps.”

Thanks to those summer days, Christian felt at home at OSU. “This is the most familiar place for college that I’ve actually been to.”

Unlike most of his teammates, Christian is not working to complete his four-year degree. Before arriving in Corvallis, he spent four years at the University of Hawaii, earning his Bachelor’s Degree.

Now, Christian instead, is a grad student. Thanks to a petition to the NCAA, the Sacramento native received two more years of eligibility because he lost two seasons in Hawaii due to hip injuries.

Arriving on the Corvallis campus as a cornerback, Christian had played that position as well as safety for the Warriors. While he has made his mark on defense at the college level, his hometown fans at John F. Kennedy High School knew him for his prowess on the other side of the ball.

“I didn’t play defense until my senior year,” Christian said.

Christian is working on his Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies, or, as the OSU safety put it, “A little bit of everything.” He decided early on in his college career at Hawaii that he could be really “great” at something specific or “I could just have fun and try different things.”

In addition to his main focuses of study, Christian also has a website he created where he displays his art, talks about his plans for the future and details just some of what makes him a self described jack-of-all-trades. Since arriving at OSU, Christian has been a cartoonist for The Barometer, been part of the Student Athlete Exchange, served as the lead graphic designer for the OSU marketing department, and participated in the OSU Leadership Institute.

Christian loved his time in Hawaii.

“I’d never been to Hawaii and it was an opportunity I just didn’t want to pass up,” he said.

The weather and knowing it was a great place to work out year round made the decision even easier for Christian. Majoring in pre-med and psychology and excelling in the classroom, Christian’s collegiate football career found him struggling with not one, but two season-ending hip injuries, thus allowing him two years as a Beaver.

Being a Beaver has been good to Christian.

“I feel fortunate being able to play here,” he said.

He knows he has to remain vigilant and be aware of his previous hip issues and do what he needs to do to remain healthy.

He also knows his family is proud of all he has accomplished. Being back on the mainland has meant more opportunities for Christian to see his parents and sisters.

“My mom and dad come up for games and I can just hop in my car and drive home,” he said.

“I have so many options,” he added. “If I have an opportunity to play football still, I’ll explore that option. I’ll have my Master’s. Hopefully, I’ll become an author.”

Wherever the road may lead him, it is clear Christian intends to retain that jack-of-all-trades moniker.

“I’ll be exercising all of the skills I have,” he said.

Most of all, this week, he’s looking forward to lining up against some of his former Hawaii teammates.

“There’s a lot of pride in football,” he said, adding “I might as well continue to play if I’m good at it. Football has given me a lot of good experiences.

“A lot of good memories.”