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Diggin' It With Adrienne Gehan

Sep 9, 2013

This past weekend the team traveled to Nebraska for the Bluejay Invitational at Creighton University. We beat all three teams at the tournament, which was especially exciting because Creighton was ranked 19th in the country! Overall, it was a really great trip that showcased our strengths, while also provided some needed feedback in areas we can improve.

Our teammate, Lillian Schonewise, is from Papillion, about 15 minutes from where we were playing in Omaha. On Thursday night, after a very long day of traveling, the team bus took us to the Schonewise house for a much-anticipated team dinner. It was clear which house was theirs as soon as we pulled onto the street due to the large Cal flag hanging at the door and the large stuffed bear sitting in the driver’s seat of Mr. Schonewise’s “Cali car”.  As we pulled up to the house, her parents and younger brother greeted us outside, welcoming us into their beautiful home, where dinner was already waiting. The highlight of dinner was definitely the “snicker salad” and amazing dessert, all made by Mrs. Schonewise. At dinner, the conversation turned to funny memories of past seasons, which mainly focused on the various embarrassing moments felt by all the upperclassmen. In addition to dinner, it was really fun being able to hang out with Lillian’s family (including her adorable cat, Smokey) and enjoy a yummy home-cooked meal. After dinner, we drove to the hotel and began resting for the whirlwind that ensued the next two days.

Although traveling with my teammates is always fun, I am looking forward to spending the next few weeks back at Haas. I hope to see you all there at this week’s games!

Go Bears!