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Tuesday Press Luncheon Quotes

Oct 8, 2013

Colorado Head Coach Mike MacIntyre

 General / Opening Statement
“Arizona State is a very good football team.  Todd Graham does a great job with them and the quarterback Taylor Kelly is really making a lot of plays.  He has a lot of weapons and they utilize them well.  Defensively, They’re an attacking style defense and I would call them a team that tries to cause turnovers, pretty opportunistic and very aggressive.  They’re a good football team.  It’ll be a fun place to go play in Tempe there.  I think they’re doing some remodeling in their stadium but their stadium is a great place to play.  I’ve been there before and we’re looking forward to the game.”

On Thoughts on Oregon Game
“Well, one thing is the speed of the game.  They play fast and they also have some fast players.  We did some good things and of course some bad things in the game but I feel like our kids learned from a lot of those things.   They really did.  A lot of the high-tempo type offenses have some similarities.  They’re not all the same but there are some similarities and a lot of those things can carry over and so we know some of things we messed up on we can do better and we’ve corrected. I felt like we had some great meetings today and had an excellent practice.  We were a little bit more on our Ps and Qs so to speak on a Tuesday than we usually are because usually you’re having to put stuff in.  The offenses are a little bit similar because they play at a fast pace too, so we’ve gotten used to that so hopefully it’ll help us play better.”

On Mistakes against Oregon
“Well we were just off a little bit on a few coverages where it happened fast and quick …. The quickness and the speed where the quarterback was accurate.  There were three that I can remember where if we had just a little bit more leverage all three of them would have not been plays but all three were touchdowns.  Those are big plays and it really is that small of a difference.  It’s that big of a difference when it happens and that small of a difference if you make the play because they ran the exact same plays later on and we covered them like a blanket.  So I think that helped us understand that.”

On Arizona State’s Speed Compared to Oregon’s
“Well they can (be as fast as Oregon).  Not all of the time but they can sometimes.  They have some plays where they’re on the line just as quick or quicker.  Every team kind of has little phases that they do a little different and so I think that Oregon’s offensive line was excellent at also moving fast.  Sometimes that’s what everything orchestrates really well. Some teams that go fast, their offensive line doesn’t move as fast as the receivers and the running backs so to speak, so the holes aren’t really there.  Whereas Oregon has it synchronized pretty good and I think Arizona State does that too. Seems like they put 60 something on USC when I was watching it the other night and USC’s got some players and so that was pretty impressive.  (Marion) Grice is extremely fast out of the backfield. ( D.J.) Foster is extremely fast out of the backfield and they move those guys all over the place.  Jaelen (Strong) , number 21, the new receiver, a junior college kid that’s in …… He ‘s a big huge target and it seems like everything that is thrown it to him …..  He’s like flypaper. It just sticks to him. He’s really good.”

On Thoughts after Taking an Early Lead vs. Oregon
“I wasn’t surprised. I was surprised when we got behind as quick as we did though.  I really was.  Very, very disappointed in that so we need to keep playing and keep going.  We kind of gave them a few gifts.  We can’t do that.  We should have gotten a couple but they just went right through our hands.  We had a pick that hit us right in the hands that we should have taken and we would have gone up 17-8.   We had a kickoff that they misplayed that we were all over and it just bounced right back in their hands like the play at Oregon State that happened to us and they just misplayed it wrong. Great job by our kicking game and great job by our coverage guys ….. Great job by our coach for seeing that and figuring out how we could do that to them.  Those are two plays we should have had and to me that’s 14 points.  It should’ve been 24-8 but it wasn’t so we’ve got to make those plays and we will in the future.  Sometime we’re going to start making them I promise you.”

On Connor Wood’s Play
“He made some good plays early and then missed a couple throws and had four drops on him.  He shouldn’t have had four drops.  Two of them were big plays, one was a big third down and the other was a long ball so it wasn’t all Connor’s fault.  I thought he did some good things and I thought he stayed alive in the pocket and made some good plays there. But, overall just like our offense and our defense we need to play consistently for four quarters and when you play a really, really good football team that understands what they’re doing and has a lot of experience and speed, they’ll exploit you quickly and that’s what happened to us a couple times Saturday.”

On the Improving Running Game
“Well we’re working at it number one.  The running backs are understanding and we’re getting them in the right situations for different types of running backs.  And I also think they’re starting to completely understand their roles and I think that’s good.  They’re running harder and the line is getting to the second level better and they’re blocking better.  I just think that we got it going.  We started running a little bit better in the Central Arkansas game and then we had three weeks off.  Then we didn’t run as well and then Michael Adkins ran pretty good in the Oregon State game.  Now I think the combination of the two and being able to throw Tony (Jones) in there too …….. I think that hopefully we’ll keep running the ball consistently.”

On Christian Powell
“I think that Christian ran well and did some good things.”

On Michael Adkins
“I saw his grade reports yesterday.  He’s in five classes and he’s got all As right now and one of them he doesn’t have a grade in yet.  He’s doing well in football.  He’s a sharp kid.  He’s doing everything we ask and he’s playing hard.  We’ll just keep him going in the right direction.”

On The Possibility of Increasing Adkins’ Role in the Offense
“It depends on how the game is going but what he played Saturday is quite a bit and he had to play on a couple special teams too so that’s pretty taxing.  He’s young.  I don’t want to get him hit too much but I do want to use him a lot so I kind of get caught in between there.”

 On Comparing Linebacker Addison Gillam to San Jose State Linebacker Keith Smith
“As far as the instincts he reminds me tremendously of Keith Smith.  Keith Smith had phenomenal instincts in getting around the ball then all of sudden he would show up somewhere. Addison is bigger, and faster than Keith Smith.  He ran down (Marcus Mariota) and that surprised me.  He ran him down and I haven’t seen very many people run him down. That’s pretty impressive for a linebacker.”

On Gillam Potentially Hitting the Proverbial ‘Freshman Wall’
“I don’t think so.  He’s enjoying playing.  I got his grade reports and he got three A’s and a B. he’s doing good.  He’s a sharp young man and I think he’ll keep playing.  Of course we have a grind here going and I try to change up practice to help with that as we get going but I think he’ll do fine.”

On How to Fix Second Half Problems Where the Team Has Been Outscored Significantly So Far This Season
“We need to score more points and keep the other team from scoring.  You know we need to just keep working on it.  It’s funny because last year at San Jose State it was exactly the reverse of that.  So, I think it’s just a process and we need to keep working at it and I think we’ll be in good shape eventually.  One of those (problems) were the special teams blunders that gave the other team 21 points in one game.”

On Goals for the Program
“Our goal is to win the next game and I’m not trying to be funny about it but we don’t set a goal for each game saying ‘Well we should beat them, we should lose to them.’  We think everybody you play can beat you and we think we can beat everybody we play.  But, of course we have to win games and I think as you win games you kind of move up and that’s what we’d like to do.”

On Pulling off Upsets at San Jose State
“The game that got us going was, we beat New Mexico State and we beat Hawai’i, who was ranked, on national television and that gave us a lot of momentum but then we lost it the next two games on the last play of the game and then we beat Navy who was ranked and then we beat Fresno (State) and we didn’t really lose again.  I think we won 15 out of 17 and I think we won one out of 15 before that ….. Something crazy like that.”

On Connor Wood’s Performance in the Last Two Games Compared to the First Two
“Well, one (difference is) the opponent.  I think they kind of had some film on us and were able to key in on some things. Number two, we didn’t execute as well as we’d like. I thought we had some good things going and I thought he played better this game and I thought we played better offensively which all goes hand in hand I think in a way at times than we did against Oregon State.  I was excited about that.  We just had some blunders and we didn’t stop them on defense so it kind of got you in a mode where you had to try to make plays instead of maybe grinding the offense so to speak, if that makes sense.  So, I think it’s a combination. It’s not all Connor’s fault by any stretch of the imagination.  I think it’s a little bit of everything but it’s all a process and that’s not coach speak.  It’s all about the process.  I saw us practice well Sunday night and I saw us practice really well today.  I thought we had our best meetings, you might say ‘What do you mean about meetings?’  Well I think our kids were focused.  We turned on the film and called out things that we wanted to call out and they were answering them, which they haven’t done before.  They’ve played.  They’ve seen it.  They know what’s happening to them so I expect us to make another jump.  I expect us to be better this Saturday than we were last Saturday.”  

On Offensive Struggles on Third Down
“Well on a couple of them they made some good plays.  A couple of times we misaligned and they were able to do some things there. It was a little bit of a combination of a few things.  Offensively, we dropped a few, misread a few, that type of thing.  I think it’s just, again, the whole process of it.”

On Trick Plays
“Trick plays, you use them at different times and if you use them too much then they’re not a trick play.  We have a trick play period in practice where we practice quite a few trick plays and if we see something in a game where we feel like we can set up a trick play according to how they’re going to align then we’re going to use it and we felt like that was going to work at that time. (The trick play that resulted in a touchdown on Saturday) was a great call by Brian (Lindgren). Paul (Richardson) had a great job of running and selling it. nD.D. (Goodson) did a great job of blocking and waiting till the last second and then he took off.  Nelson Spruce’s block was phenomenal. I don’t know if you saw it but he blocked the guy for 20 something yards.  That’s a heck of a play.  And D.D.’s little legs were just running so that was fun to watch ….. His hair was bobbing in the air.”

On Arizona State Defensive End Will Sutton’s Struggles This Season
“Well I think some of the teams that they’ve played have run away from him some.  Then some of the teams, it’s been such a scoring fest that it’s just been basically a passing game and when you pass rush it’s kind of like a wrestler, you get worn out so he has to get substituted in for.  So, I think he’s been substituted for a little bit more and maybe he hasn’t  had as many opportunities to make big plays but you still know where he is and he still appears a lot.  He’s got his dreads on with the tie-die at the bottom of them and you can see him coming from miles away.  He’s an intimidating force I will say that.  He’s a good player.”

On Arizona State Getting Healthier Along the Defensive Line This Week
“They’re powerful and you can’t just turn to one guy so I think that does help them for sure.”

On Chidera Uzo-Diribe’s Comment That the Coaches Want the Defense to Play Angrier
“That’s just between me and the team.” 

On Whether Coaching Mindset after a Win is Any Different than After a Loss
“No. I’m a firm believer that, especially when you’re dealing with young people, if you’re always a rollercoaster then your team’s always going to be a rollercoaster. You need to be as consistent as you can. Now, I’m not perfect at all times. I do get upset sometimes. I do get mad there’s no doubt about that but I think you’re never going to achieve any goal if you just choose negativity, mood swings and that type of thing. You need to be positive and firm and be who you are.

Bill Parcells told me a long time ago ‘Mike, if you get the opportunity to be a head coach, be your own personality. Don’t try to be someone else and if you are that then everybody believes you’re real and that’s a calming steadiness.’ And that’s what I hope ….. Now I’m a fiery guy at times. I’m intense. I’m passionate. Sometimes that’s to my negative and sometimes I’m too passionate but I do believe in these young men and I do believe it’s a process and I do believe we’re gaining ground in our process. It doesn’t always show but I think it has showed some. I do think progress has shown some out there not just in the wins, I think even in the losses. I think you can see some fight, some intensity, some emotion, some ability to compete and that’s all part of it. I think we’re on the way. Have we gotten close to arriving? No. I sure hope we’re closer this Saturday and I expect us to go win just like Todd (Graham) expects their team to go win.”

On Special Teams Mistakes
“Last Week we didn’t have any. Matter of fact we should have caused a couple (mistakes). Darragh (O’Neill) pinned five times inside the 20. That’s pretty good. It was based on adjustments and guys doing what they’re supposed to do we just got more repetitions at it. A lot of the kids were young and they saw the mistakes that happened to them and I think that helped it. Tody (Neinas) does a great job in teaching our guys and we’ve done a lot of different drills consistently. I think we did more of those over the off-week and I think that’s why those young kids were able to improve in that area.”

On Ryan Severson
“Severson is getting a lot more comfortable (returning kicks) and I think he’s doing some really good things. He’s doing good things on the coverage units also.”

On Being an Underdog vs. Being Favored Heading into a Game
“I don’t think you approach games differently. You’re still trying to win no matter if you’re an underdog or you’re favored. But I do think it’s human nature to have a little bit more of a chip on your shoulder, a little bit more of that ‘I’ll show you’ type attitude. But when you’re favored you better have the other side of the chip on your shoulder. You better not let them show you. I think it’s the same thing just a little bit different type of motivation maybe but I think you don’t approach any of them any different. I do one thing, either way you better not be uptight because that’s when you play bad either way. If you’re worried about losing because you’re favored or if you’re worried not winning because you’re not favored, you better just go play. And I think our kids are starting to learn to just go play. Just go play.”

On Possibly Playing the Backup Quarterbacks in One-Sided Games
“Yeah I thought about it but I wanted it to be a situation where I felt like everything was in the right situation at the right time. I did think about it but just decided not to do it. The biggest reason was that Connor hasn’t played a lot of football. He’s played four football games in his life. Really. I think they played him a quarter before and they jerked him. He never played at Texas so at the same time I’m trying to get him ….. He showed some good signs and I’m trying to give him a look so there’s not an exact science on that but that is something that I’ve thought about yes.”

On What Might Be the Right Situation in Which to Play a Backup Quarterback
“I don’t know…. Whatever I feel like at the time. There’s probably no perfect situation I just felt like Connor needed to get some more reps to help him improve.”

On When Jordan Webb Might Play
“Well Webb’s ready to go. He’ll dress this week because he was cleared by the doctor three weeks ago but I wanted to make sure he was moving right and last week would’ve been his game where he couldn’t play and so we’ve discussed that and I’m not definitely sure on that answer to be honest with you.”

On The Team’s Progress after Four Games
“Well I do think they have resiliency.  That’s one thing that I wasn’t sure they had.  To me, at this point, they’ve shown a lot of resiliency and a lot of heart as far as coming back and practicing and improving and working hard and getting better.  I know we got beat bad Saturday but I think we were a lot better than we were the first week.  I really do.  I just think (Oregon) is really, really good.”


Wide Receiver Paul Richardson

On the Comparison of Throwing a Touchdown Pass to a Making a Touchdown Reception
“Definitely throwing a touchdown because I got to watch one of my other receivers score.  That’s always fun.  I was the second one down there.  I ran down there and celebrated with him.  So, that was awesome.”

On The Touchdown Pass to Goodson
“I was running and I peeked then I kind of hesitated and as soon as I saw (Goodson) come out of the shadows I knew he was going to score then Nelson (Spruce) just made great blocks down field.  That’s how we got that touchdown.”

On Connor Wood’s Play the Last Two Weeks
“These defenses have been doing a better job at disguising coverages and I think that’s been a little challenging for our offense but we’ve just got to play better altogether.  The receivers have got to help him make plays on the outside and we have to make him right.  We have to protect him a little better then we’ll be more successful.”

On the Different Defensive Looks the Offense Saw Against Oregon
“I don’t know how many different defenses are going to move their cornerback to play safety with their other cornerback because they moved (Oregon cornerback) Ifo (Ekpre-Olomu) over the top of me and put him at safety with (Oregon cornerback Terrence Mitchell) at cornerback.  I don’t know how many defenses are going to do that but it’s definitely something to learn from with them capping me off over the top and then bringing the linebacker in and having the cornerback on me, like a triangle, trying to trap me but I think when they do that it just leaves other guys open.  Nelson (Spruce) can make plays. D.D. (Goodson) can make plays.  Keenan Canty and Tyler McCulloch can make plays so I don’t think that’s something that is going to hurt us in the future.”

On Coach MacIntyre’s Positive Outlook after a Blowout Loss
“I think that he just tries to keep the poise for the entire team and he just tries to stay level for the entire team.  He knows when to be more intense and get on us and he knows when guys need encouragement so if he was one way all the time then we wouldn’t respond to him well but since he has such a good medium we respond to him well and we embrace it more.”

On His Father’s Influence on His Game
“Just with my attitude …. He’s telling me to just be patient in what coach Lindgren is doing and just continue to trust the offense which I’m doing.  And he’s told me to just be ready when my number is called.  Him getting on me and just making sure I stay focused like when I get hit or when I don’t make a play that he thinks that I could make even though it seems like no one else can, he just wants me to know that those are all just humbling experiences and to embrace it.  So, I really I do appreciate that from him.”

On Whether Program Taking the Next Step Depends on Winning a Game That Nobody Expects Them to Win
“If that’s the case then we need to win all of our games because no one expects us to win any of them.  So, I think that’ll be good.  Going on the road, we need a road win so that will be great …… and they’re a great opponent.  They beat Wisconsin, they beat USC so for us to go in and beat that caliber of an opponent would be great for our team as far as self-esteem, as far as energy and hype and just continuing on our goal which is to get to a bowl game this season.”

On Team’s Resolve
“We’ve shown a lot of spark as far as attitude.  The thing is we just have to show attitude out the gate more and fight earlier and I think that’s the thing we will benefit from the most.  We show it in spurts and we show it sporadically but if we do that from start to finish we’ll be a hard team to compete with.”

On Defensive Coverages
“I mean even when I don’t get the ball I think that it’s good for us to see on film because it’s always something that you can go back to so you know that it worked.  I think that’s what we’ve been doing.  Even in our film study when we reviewed the game on different opportunities that we didn’t capitalize on.  We learned from those opportunities and said ‘Ok, that’s something that we can go back to ….. Different ways to do it in the future so we won’t have those same issues.’

On Arizona State Defense
“I like how aggressive they are.  They’re very aggressive.  They run the strict corners pretty much but they’re very aggressive.  They attack receivers.  I mean they attacked (USC wide receiver) Marquise (Lee) and he won the Biletnikoff (Trophy) last year so I expect the same and I think that their (defensive backs) are going to get in our face and they’re going to challenge us especially in the run game.  They’re really aggressive as well so I think it will be a good game to test our attitude and test our fight early on and I think we’re going to meet the challenge.”

On Talking to Marquise Lee about the ASU defense
“He had a bye week this past week so it was a good recovery period for him and his teammates so I was letting him enjoy that but I may talk to him on Thursday to see how he felt about their defense.  I mean in watched it on film repeatedly and I saw what he was able to do against their defense and I’m pretty sure they’re going to make those corrections.  I’m competing to be able to win on the corrections they do make.”

On the Thought Process while Attempting to Make a Spectacular Catch
“I think most people, when they’re getting held like that, they immediately want to not finish the play and hope and look around for the flag.  I had already made up my mind that I was going to get the ball regardless.  I was going against the top corner in the country and you want to make those plays.  You want to be given those opportunities so when I saw the ball go I didn’t care what was going on I was going to try to make the play.  I had the step and he had my arm and I just dove and I cradled the ball and I was able to maintain control of it so it was exciting.”

On Talking to the Opponent during the Game
“I don’t talk during games.  It’s funny that people always think that I’m talking to players but I’m usually looking when they’re talking to me but I don’t say anything.  If you look throughout the course of the game I’m always patting them on the helmet, patting them on the back.  That’s just the type of player I am.  I’ll look if you’re trying to say something to me, whether it’s good or bad, but I don’t ever say anything back.”

On Funniest Trash Talking Moment of His Career
“My freshman year I got hit by one of Kansas’ bug corners on a slant on like third down and he got up and he was talking trash and he was signaling incomplete but he didn’t know that I had the ball the whole time.  So, that was probably the funniest experience I’ve had.”

Defensive End Chidera Uzo-Diribe

On Arizona State
“They are another high-tempo team. They have a really great running back, good quarterback, they can throw the ball. It’s going to be another fast-paced team that likes to throw the ball all around.”

On The Difficulties of Away Games
“Yeah, I would say that [the crowd makes it hard]. Being in an atmosphere that you are not really used to, so when things get hectic and things start going their way, guys tend to freak out a little bit. That’s what I would have to say about the road.

On The Development of The Team
“We try to go out there with a good mindset and to pay attention to the small details that we need day in and day out to be successful as a unit.”

On Comparing Oregon State and Arizona State’s Offense
“In the Oregon State game, there were a lot of deep off threats. These guys are going to throw bubbles; they are going to throw screens. Just a little bit of everything: intermediate throws, deep throws, bubbles, and stuff like that.”

On Last Week’s Readiness to Line-Up
“I think we did a good job with that. I don’t feel like there were any plays where we were caught looking at the sidelines for any calls or standing up trying to catch our breaths. We came to line up and did a great job with that. I feel like with Arizona State, it’s going to be the same thing. We have got to get the call fast and get lined up quickly.”

On What He Took Away from the Oregon Game
“Again, just to move on. The game is over-with, and now our mind is focused on Arizona State.”

On The Next Challenge That Awaits  
“I feel like we have shown that we can play. Now, let’s go beat a big one. ASU is going to be a big game for us, we all know that we can win.”

On Approaching Games Differently
“I approach it all the same [whether we are the underdogs or not]. It doesn’t matter who is out there, if they are an underdog, or if we are the favorite. Every game I look at the same way.”

On An “Us Against The World” Mentality
“It’s never that. We focus on what we can control. If everybody thinks that, then that’s what they think, but we are only going to focus on what we can control.”

On The Improvement of the Defense
“I feel like in our tackling [we have improved]. We are not missing as many tackles as we were last year. We have guys there that are making the play. Also, our turnovers are big. When guys have opportunities to catch picks, they are catching them. When they have opportunity to create fumbles, they are creating it. I would have to say that those are two areas [where the defense has improved from last year].

On His Success of Causing Fumbles
“I would say that doing it all through the spring and through fall camp, doing the repetition, and hearing it all the time. So now, when I see the opportunity I know to go for that ball instead of just trying to make a tackle.”

On the Mentality of the Defense
“I think it has to do with us finishing and getting that mindset when we are out there. Coach Mac [MacIntyre] was telling us the other day, ‘Learn to get pissed off.’ I feel like having that kind of mindset, when you have a team in those second and longs, third and longs, to just finish them.”

On Their Approach after Halftime
“I think that our mindset at halftime is that it’s zero-zero all over again. We just have to come out with the same intensity as we did that first half. We have to come out and make plays on special teams and on both sides of the ball.”

On His View of His Teammates
“Guys aren’t letting up. We still have a lot of football left to be played. We are just learning from all of these games and we’re going to make those experiences to always be learning, which will work in our favor.

On Generating Enough Pressure to Reach the Quarterback
“I think that we have to win our one-on-ones this week. The front four, when we have that opportunity, need to take advantage of it.

On The Freshmen
“Both [they are physically gifted and their heads are in the game]. They have shown that they can physically handle playing Pac-12 football. Mentally, they know what to do, their assignments, and their checks and reads. The freshmen have been doing a really good job.

On how Quickly the Freshmen Have Adjusted to the College Level
"If you are expected to play as a freshman, then it’s for a reason. You’ve shown that you can handle the mental load and the physical load. You expect them to play well.”

On Addison Gillam 
“He is probably one of the best players I have seen coming out of high school. To come out here, fly around the field and to make the plays that he does – he is a really good player. He knows what he is doing out there. He doesn’t play like a freshman or think like one.”


2014 Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Electee Darian Hagan

On Emotions after Hearing he had Been Elected to Colorado Sports Hall of Fame
“I was elated to put it mildly.  It’s a privilege to and it’s an honor to be elected to the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame.  I would dedicate it all to my former teammates.  I had some good guys that I played with.  All in had to do was hand the ball off or pitch it.  This is an awesome feeling.”

On Which Hand he May Receive the Award With
“I don’t know.  I am ambidextrous but I’m a dominant lefty so it depends on what coach (Bill McCartney) wants me to do.  He’s still my coach.”

On Best Moment as a Player at CU
Wow. I had a lot of great moments.  A lot of victories. A lot of big time games.  Playing against big time opponents …. I would probably say, even though I didn’t get an opportunity to finish, it would be our national championship game we won in ’90.  Just the feeling of elation and knowing that we were number one and being able to enjoy that moment with all of my teammates even though I was injured. That was awesome.”

On Which Moment of his Career Fans Try to Re-live the Most
“Just this past Saturday as I was leaving the field there was a gentleman with his son and he says ‘I can remember just like it was yesterday, I was on the east side.  It was against Nebraska and you pitched the ball to J.J. Flannigan and he ran 40 yards for a touchdown.’  That’s the story I get a lot.  A lot of guys remember the pitch against Nebraska.” 

On His Favorite Play of His Career
“My favorite play, and no one ever talks about it, would be 1990 Pigskin Classic against Tennessee.  I remember this one like it was yesterday.  We’re on the right hash and they ran a corner blitz from the boundary and their guy shot inside of our offensive lineman.  I got hit and as I was going down I switched the ball from my right hand to my left hand and pitched it to the wide side to Mike Pritchard and he went 80 yards for a touchdown.  That was my favorite play.”

On First Reaction When he got the Call Telling Him the News
“I haven’t told anyone, not yet.  But the night I got the phone call was pretty exciting.  I didn’t know what to feel.  I didn’t know if I was getting played a joke on or what but I actually I got the call from my good friend, Dave Plati.  He called me and he said ‘What are you doing?’ and he was whispering because he didn’t want anybody to hear I guess. I said ‘I was just upstairs in the washing room.’  He told me to get over here and I said ‘Ok, what do I need to get over there for?’ and he said ‘You didn’t get the phone call yet?  And I said ‘No, what phone call?’ and he told me I was elected to the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame.  I said ‘I’ll be over there in 15 minutes.’

On Emotions Right Now
“I’m still floating on cloud nine right now.  This is something that every kid and every person that wants to accomplish that plays sports.  You want to be recognized for things that you’ve accomplished.  It’s not something that I thought would ever come to fruition but it did and I’m amazed but when you play with great guys and you do some things that people get excited about, then good things happen for you and I’m overwhelmed by this announcement.”

On Fellow 2014 Hall of Fame Inductees
“I did know about (Former CU Buffs basketball coach) Frosty (Cox).  I never was privileged enough to have met him but all those guys, going in along with them is a privilege.  Especially a guy like Todd Helton, 17 year career playing baseball …. He was a former quarterback at Tennessee.  Probably would have been known as one of the best at Tennessee if not for Peyton Manning coming along but it’s a privilege to go in along with those guys and I’m extremely honored and humbled.  A lot of people ask me why did you choose the University of Colorado?  The University of Colorado is a special place for me.  Always has been, always will be and if I was 18 years old again and had it to do all over I would do it all over again.  Coach McCartney said it best last weekend when he said ‘The University of Colorado is the pinnacle of college football.’  I believe that. We’ll get back where we need to be too.”

On Getting a Chance to Throw the Football Again During a Publicity Stunt Last Saturday
“I work with some amazing people in our marketing department.  Matt Biggers and those guys asked me if I’d be willing to throw a pass to a fan.   First I was like ‘No, I don’t want to throw a pass because these footballs are totally different than what I played with and they’re a little slick and I didn’t want to be embarrassed out there.’  Then I said “Yeah, I’ll do it but I want to pitch it.  I want to run an option.’  So the guy said he wanted to run a curl route and I said ‘I can still do that.’  I picked my special football that I picked to the guy out there.  I didn’t realize how hard I threw it though.  People told me I was trying to break that guy’s fingers but I just didn’t want to embarrass myself.  I wanted to make sure he caught it and the only way to make sure he caught it was to put a little extra oomph behind it.  It hit him right in the gut and it looked it good.”

On The Current State of the Program
“It’s hurt a lot considering when I was playing alongside my teammates we were just up and coming.  We were starting to just turn the corner.  Coach McCartney didn’t have a lot of success his first couple of years then we turned the corner.  Once we put all the pieces together that he needed for his offense and his defense then we put those pieces together and we started rolling.  We rolled along for a good 10-12 years and then all of sudden that big word came around.  That big word is reciprocal and everything switched back. We had some down years and it’s hard for a lot of alums who are proud of their program but like I said everything is reciprocal and we have a new coach Mac here and he’s going to get this place back and rocking.  The hope is sooner rather than later.

On Passing down Wisdom to the Current Generation of College Football Players
“Being removed from the game in my roll I try to share my wisdom with them.  The wisdom I try to share with them is that you have to take everything that is given to you, you have to take it with pride because it’s not promised to you.  It’s a privilege to be out there doing the things that you do and having someone play for your athletic scholarship.  Yes you do have to go out and perform and all of that but someone is actually footing the bill for you and you have to appreciative so to speak.  That’s what I try to tell the guys but at the same time I watch these other teams come in and they run this spread option and all of that and I just have laugh because 20 years ago I was doing the same thing.  The only difference was I was under center and I was getting hit quicker.  The advantage these guys have is that heir in the pistol or the shotgun five yards away from the defense and they’re able to make decisions a little bit longer.  They’re able to decide what they need to do to attack the defense whereas when I played it was a split second decision.  If you made the wrong decision you got hit in the mouth.  If you made the right decision you got hit in the mouth.”

On the Spread Offense
“Well I would talk to Coach (Gary) Barnett and say ‘Coach, let’s run the option out of the shotgun.’  And he’d say ‘Son, you can’t do that.’  And now Coach Barnett has been proven wrong.  But, I did used to always run the option out of the gun because I thought at the time it would give me, a guy that was barely 5’ 11’’, time to look over the defense and see from then gun.”

On Whether he Could Play in Today’s Game
“I think I could be a quarterback in this day and age.  The only difference between guys like (Texas A&M quarterback) Johnny Manziel and myself is that he’s in the shotgun.  I ran around and I did things just like that.  I’m glad I’m not as controversial as he is but at the same time he’s a dynamic player and when I look at him I just mile because I remember those days.”

On Impressions of Today’s Game
“I like the way the game has changed …... Only because I was a fan of running football teams ….. Playing in a cloud of dust and just getting after each other ….. It’s a little bit different now but it’s still the same principles.  They’re running the option now.  They’re pulling people out.  You have to have dynamic people in space to be good with those offenses so I really love watching them.”

On His Legacy at CU
“My smile, that’s it.  I don’t want to be remembered for anything other than that I was a good guy.  I did things the right way.  I was a good teammate.  But, the most proud moment of my life was getting my degree at the University of Colorado.  My upbringing and my passion are two things that are totally different.  When I played the game of football I wasn’t as intense as (former Colorado running back) Eric Bieniemy but I was an intense player out there.  At the same time I was and still remain humble and that was my upbringing.  My family, we didn’t have a lot to give but we had a lot to give of ourselves and that’s what I try to do.  I try to give to people and I’ve never been known as a taker except when it was some free Nike gear.”

On Paying Student-Athletes
“I think what they have in place in now is sufficient.  I don’t think that you have to pay guys to appreciate what they have or I don’t think you have to pay guys to come to work to do what they’re supposed to do as far as being a student-athlete.  At the same time, there’s an argument out there that kids should be paid to play.  I guess I would say if they’re guys to pay guys something it should be a debit card where they can go buy toiletries and supplies so they can wash their clothes and just to have every day living.  I know they don’t need to have anything extra as far as going to the movies or taking your girlfriend out or anything like that.”

On the Fairness of Not Paying Student-Athletes
“Well, I think it’s fair that they’re allowed to play football and they’re allowed to get a scholarship and somebody is paying the bill.  I don’t think that just because someone is doing those things for that at the same time they should fatten up your pocket.  I don’t think that they should do that.  I don’t think that’s what college football is all about. At the professional level, after you get your degree and things of that nature then yeah you are in a working environment.  Now, I don’t think they’re in a working environment.  They are student-athletes that are allowed to go to school and be young adults.”

On how his Career Might Have Been Different had he Been Paid as a Student-Athlete
“I think I still would have been the same humble person but I think it depends on how you’re getting paid.  Some people get paid illegally and some people get a Pell grant.  I was the kid that was fortunate enough to get a Pell grant and that Pell grant was enough for me.  Fortunately, at the University of Colorado we didn’t have boosters around here that were doing things illegally.  Our head coach, who was on top of those things, wouldn’t allow that stuff so my career played out just like it was supposed to.”

On Cheating at College Level at Other Universities While he was a Student-Athlete
“It wasn’t as heavy as it was prior to me coming to the University of Colorado or coming into the college football scene but I do have some friends that will acknowledge stuff.  I never was jealous of them or anything like that because I believed in our coach, his philosophy, and my upbringing.  I’m not the type of guy that wanted a handout or was looking for a handout.  I just wanted to go out there and play football.”

On Head Coach Mike MacIntyre
“Coach MacIntyre is awesome.  I believe in his principles.  I believe in his philosophy.  Our kids have really, really bought in to Coach Mac.  The things that he talks about that are our foundation, the things that we lay our hat on, are what everyone is looking for.  Football is what we do so I really, really believe in everything he says.  My Coach Mac (McCartney) always says that you can take it to the bank.  I think with this guy, give him a little bit of time.  Give him some more firepower in here and this program is going to be awesome.  I think he’s the right guy at the right time for this job and I’m not just saying that because I work for him now.  If I was just an alum watching them in the stands on Saturday I would say the same thing because just watching how these guys compete and watching how these guys come to work, it’s awesome.  It’s fitting that it’s happening all over again right before me because I’ve seen it on a daily basis before and I’m lucky that I get to see it again I’m, just behind the scenes now.”

On Comparing Coach MacIntyre to Coach McCartney
“He’s a really religious guy just like my Coach Mac was.  He’s fair just like my coach Mac was.  He believes in the kids.  He’s all about family.  As an 18 year old, leaving southern California I visited five universities and out of the five universities, the University of Colorado was the only place where I experienced family.  That’s what I was looking for and that’s probably why I’m still here today.”

On African Americans CU Students Adjusting to Life in Boulder
“I think it’s changed a little bit.  I think it’s changed for the better.  I don’t hear a lot of kids stressing the point that the University of Colorado is not as welcome as it was or not as welcome as it should be.  Those guys talk about how it is welcoming.  Our guys do struggle when they get to Colorado.  They struggle with the environment, they struggle with the campus but I think that’s just them getting out of their comfort zone and understanding that you cannot be the same, you cannot remain the same in order for you to fit into an ideal place.  You chose the University of Colorado and you have to take it amongst yourself to open up your heart, open up your feelings and be vulnerable to change.  If you’re not going to be vulnerable to change then you’re always going to experience the same stuff.

99 percent of our African American kids come from inner-cities and they’re used to a certain way of life and when you come to a place where you’re now the minority you have to change and you have to be willing the change. That’s my rule and guys are starting to understand it and guys are starting to figure it out.  Twenty years ago when I was looking at this place, most people say when you pick a university as a student-athlete can you live there for four to five years while you’re attending school?  My philosophy is can you live there twenty years later.  If you can live there for four or five years then you can live there for twenty years.  You look at it that way then you’re looking at it from a kid to a man so I think they’re starting to get it.”

On Starting at Quarterback and Doubling as the Team’s Punt Returner as a Senior in 1991
“The funny thing is, I went to Coach McCartney and his thinking was in order for me to have an opportunity to play at the next level I would have to show some versatility and not just running the option and pitching the ball.  We wanted to show that I could be a returner so he gave me the opportunity to field punts and I winded up being the starter.  That allowed me to have an opportunity to play at the next level.”

On Almost Returning a Punt for a Touchdown against Wyoming
“The first punt against Wyoming my senior year …… We were playing against them here …… Sean Fleming was their punter, who also winded up being my teammate in Canada, but I caught the punt and it was probably about a 42-yarder and Sean tackled me at about the three yard line.  We joked about that the whole time I was playing in Canada.  Then the next week we were playing here against Baylor and the same thing happened.  I caught the punt and got tripped up at about the 50 yard line.  Coach Mac really put himself out there and put everything on the line there.  You have your senior quarterback, who you won some games with, and you’re giving him an opportunity to pretty much showcase himself and at the same time if he goes down, everyone behind him was all freshmen. Because Charles Johnson had decided to give up his senior year so that was a lot to give but it just showed that he had a lot of faith in me and that was awesome.  Coach Mac was an awesome guy.  He still is an awesome guy.

I’m going to tell this one story that I’ve said plenty of times but when he came to my house and he recruited me he said if the guy that’s recruiting you can’t look you in the eye he’s not telling you the truth.  He can’t be truthful. Then, he went on to tell my mom, my aunt, and my grandma, because he saw that we were getting a sprinkler system put in our yard ….. He said ‘If Darian walked out of here right now and stepped in the hole and broke his ankle, the University of Colorado would honor his scholarship for the next four to five years even though he could never play again.’  And that right there set him apart from everyone else.  No one else made any promises to me or my family other they would give me the opportunity to play football but , what Coach Mac did is he went above and beyond so that stood out.  Then, he knew that I grew up in a Crip-infested neighborhood and that if I went to Nebraska every time I came back home wearing red I would get in trouble.  So, he put that out there.  My family was like we know where you’re going.”