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UCLA: No offense taken, USC

Oct 17, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO – Trojan head honcho Andy Enfield addressed his “if you want to play slow, go to UCLA” comment to the media earlier in the podium session, explaining that it was for his team’s ears only and was not meant as a slight at the Bru Cru.

Well at least publicly, the Bruins don’t seem to be the least bit concerned with the remarks. In fact, Steve Alford was even willing to have a little fun with it.


“We’ve already labeled Kyle [Anderson] as Slow-Mo; it’s not like his nickname is Turbo,” the UCLA head coach quipped. “I’ve got great respect for Andy; he had a very good season last year.”

But don’t get it twisted; the Bruins won’t be snails out there, either.

“We know what our style is,” Alford said. “We’re going to be uptempo; we’re going to be fast-paced.”