USC's Andy Enfield: No disrespect to UCLA

SAN FRANCISCO – Andy Enfield made headlines recently when media outlets got a hold of a quote to his team about the Bruins in which he said, “If you want to play slow, go to UCLA.” Perhaps what got lost in translation was that Enfield said this to his players in a practice to get his guys motivated and was not declaring war against those guys from Westwood.

Enfield made this perfectly clear at Pac-12 Men’s Basketball Media Day on Thursday. “It certainly wasn’t meant to disrespect Steve [Alford],” Enfield said. “I have a ton of respect for him.”


It was just a fit of frustration, the Trojan man added. “What I say to my team in practice and in the locker room is meant to be for my team; not for the newspapers,” he said. “I don’t use a lot of profanity but I do use sarcasm.”

Just because there is respect between the two sides doesn’t mean there won’t be any emotion on the court when the Bruins and Trojans square off this year.

“I hope [the Bruins] add more fire to the battle,” USC guard J.T. Terrell said in response to the meaning of Enfield’s UCLA remark. “I’m hoping for a better game now.”