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Twin Transition

Oct 20, 2013

By Jordy Clifton, Arizona Communication Services

Twins have a certain way to communicate with each other in their everyday lives put a set of twins on the same team and you have an exceptional situation.

 Arizona soccer freshmen and twin sisters Laura and Priscilla Pimienta share a special bond with each other. They know what the other is thinking and are always aware of the other’s whereabouts, on and off the field.

Because they are Tucson natives, the sisters have a feel for what it is like playing soccer in the heat of Arizona. They have been playing together since they were young.

 Through the years, they have concluded that playing together feels different than it does with any other player.

 “We could always find each other on the field, some people tell us we have telepathy,” Laura said. “Whenever I would pass the ball, she would always be there but now that she’s not playing, it’s hard.”

 Priscilla and Laura are living a new experience this year as Priscilla is injured and will not play this season. With Laura’s support and guidance, Priscilla knows that she will always have her sister to help her through this hard life transition.

 “Laura has always been my best friend, whenever I would bring myself down or be really hard on myself, she would always be there to push me.” Priscilla said. “She knows me so well and she knows how to handle me in certain situations.”

 On the field, they both know where the other one is on the field without having to look. In high school when either one of them was injured or out for a game, it was a hard adjustment.

 “Most of the time when I play with Laura, I don’t really look up to pass,” Priscilla said. “I just always know that she’s going to be there. When she was out for a little while in high school I would make a pass, but no one was there. It’s just something you can’t really explain.”

 The connection they have as sisters has helped them in their soccer careers. Having each other on the same team for many years helped them grow stronger and they push each other to make themselves better every day.

 “Off the field, we will go running and it is always competitive,” Laura said. “I am always trying to be better than her and she is always trying to be better than me. If she wins one time we will go back and I will go even harder. I think that’s how we keep getting better, because we have each other.”

 Laura and Priscilla have also had each other to lean on when times get tough, especially in the transition from high school to college.

“Whether we are having a tough day or something else, I can always turn to her when I need her.” Laura said. “She is always there for me.”

 Although Priscilla is out for the season, she still feels a special connection to her sister just by watching her play.

 “I kind of feel like I play through her,” Priscilla said. “When she is playing, I can feel myself playing through her. I always remind Laura that when she is going through hard times, that she could have it worse.”

Playing at Arizona and staying together in college has always been their plan. They never considered going to different schools. They always had their hearts set on Arizona.

“It was always our plan to stay together.” Laura said. “Other schools wanted us but we never really committed to them. It was always just U of A.”

The support of their family has helped them throughout their careers. With the two of them close to home, the family still has the opportunity to watch and support them.

“They keep our heads up,” Laura said. “If something isn’t going our way, whether it be soccer or school, they are just always there.”

Priscilla’s goal this year is to work on her recovery, to get better and help her sister and team out as much as she can.

Laura wants to see how far this team can go in the postseason and for her sister to eventually join her, so together they can be on the route to success.