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Tuesday Press Luncheon Quotes

Oct 22, 2013

Colorado Head Coach Mike MacIntyre

General / Opening Statement“Last Saturday’s game was a great game for Boulder.  Our kids were excited that Rick George and our administration was able to get us another game to play so we could play 12.  You only get so many times to play so, we’re excited about that.  I thought we played well.  There were a couple things that we could have done better but I thought it was a good outing for us.  And now we’re 3-3 and getting ready to go back and play in the Pac-12 against Arizona who is a very good football team.  (Arizona Running Back) Kadeem Carey is a phenomenal player. I wish we were playing Jim Carrey and not Kadeem Carey.  He is an unbelievable player.  Not only is he a good runner which everybody knows, but he is a physical, tough guy.  When you watch him play he really makes things happen.  (Arizona Quarterback) B.J. Denker has done an excellent job complementing him.  He can really run also.  He’s been able to throw on the run and I thought in the Utah game he played excellent.  He really put it together.  I’m very, very impressed with their team.  Defensively, they’ve really improved from last year’s defense.  Watching some film on them last year and watching them this year …..  They’ve drastically improved and I guess that’s because they’re one year into the system …. Another year into the system and they’re playing really well and making a lot of plays.  They’re pass rush has really improved and I’m very impressed with them.  They had good special teams play on Saturday.  They’re doing some really great things on special teams.  They’re a really good football team and it’s going to be a really good contest for us.  We need to play better in the Pac-12 which everybody knows, and that’s what we plan on doing.”

On Saturday’s Halftime Comments In Which He Scorned a Struggling Defensive Line“We there were some things we worked on and worked on with our pass rush ….. Very simple things that we did not do and we left gaping holes for the quarterback to scramble through.  We should have had two sacks and we should have had …..  That’s what I was ….. I was frustrated at that point about that.  (Defensive line coach) Jim (Jeffcoat) does a good job with them.  The kids are playing as hard as they can.  That’s one of the things that I’m talking about.  They have to stay intense and focused the entire time.  You can’t have lapses like that on things that we’ve gone over and over with. That’s what I told them at halftime.  Sure enough in the second half I don’t think we gave up a third down.  We did the same exact rushes and sacked him.  So, that’s the thing that we cannot have happen against a really high caliber team or all of a sudden its six points quick.  So, I was just frustrated at the time.  The kids understood it and rallied behind it and we went from there.”

On the Importance of Having Momentum Going into a Big Conference Game“I don’t know.  I’ll tell you after the game.  I thought we practiced really well today.  I know I always say that but today was our best Tuesday practice all year.  Maybe it was the sunlight.  Maybe it was the game win.  Maybe we were excited about the upcoming game and having a little more pep in their step.  I thought we did some good things.  We had kids stopping and asking us questions and making us re-do plays instead of just getting through practice, which are all things I look for that hadn’t really happened before.  Those were some positive signs for me that we’re headed in the right direction.  Hopefully it’ll show up better Saturday.  It has a better chance to with us doing that and the kids doing that.”

On Kadeem Carey’s 366 Yard Performance against CU Last Year“I haven’t (ever been involved in something like that).  He’s an excellent player.  The offensive line does a good job.  Rich Rodriguez has a good scheme that he’s developed and the ability to ….. It seems like it would be pretty easy to stop. There’s one running back there.  Go tackle him.  It’s hard to stop the way he does it and the way he moves the line of scrimmage.  Throws the different screens and the different bubbles and the quarterback being able to run like he can I think even helps it more because you have to be aware of him too.  You can’t just dive down on the running back.  He pulls it out and he’s running down the sidelines.  Your linebackers have to have keys.  It’s a little bit like the option stuff responsibility which hopefully from last week helps it pay off this week …… with knowing where they’ve got to fit, how you block it, whether you step outside or inside.  If you step outside and you’re supposed to step inside (Carey) is to the house.  I mean it’s that hard.  He does a good job at it.”

On Arizona Quarterback B.J. Denker“You have all the guys that came in with the big names which deservedly should have them, but I think what they ask him to do, he’s really good at.  He can really run.  I saw him a little bit on television but watching the six games this year and watching the plays he made ….. There was a play against Washington where he hurdled a guy and outran the whole team to the one yard line.  That was a spectacular play.  I haven’t seen many quarterbacks that can do what he did running the ball wise.  And then he’s very accurate on the run as thrower which is hard to do.  He does a good job with that.  He’s a lefty so it comes out a little awkward sometimes so watch it.  But he does a good job at it."

On Denker Taking Pressure off of the Arizona Ground Game“Well a lot of times it back to that old run-pass option that I’ve been talking to you about.  There’s a lot of that.  He’s such a good runner that once he gets there he can pump fake and take off.  He does a lot of that where other quarterbacks would throw it as a pass for a five yard gain or a 10 yard gain.  He’ll take it and run 30.  I think that’s also why he hasn’t had quite as many turnovers.  So, I think that might be part of their process.  If we don’t turn it over with what we’re doing then hopefully we can make him throw some incompletions and stop Kadeem Carey.”

On Watching the Tape of Last Year’s CU-Arizona Game“Yes I did (watch it) and Kadeem Carey looked just about like he’s looked against every other team I’ve watched.  I think they gave it to him 40 times against Utah the other night and he’s a beast of a ball carrier.  He really is.”

On Liufau’s Performance against Charleston Southern“I thought Sefo (Liufau) played well.  His first play of the game he needs to follow through and get it there.  He was probably a little bit of nervous.  We were trying to get a good easy throw for him and then he made some better throws than that later on.  That was good.  It was good to see him come back and do that.  I thought he did some really good things.  He had some good reads.  There were some things to learn from and always when you go into your first game and you go into your first start I think it’s a bit tougher.  I think then as you watch it on tape and then you know that coach (Brian) Lindgren is telling you certain things ….. Whew, I really better be on my Ps and Qs.  If it happens in the game it really makes a big difference.  That’s part of the experience of playing.”

On Supposedly Conservative Game Plan against Charleston Southern“We had a lot of plans doing it.  Once we got to running it we wanted to run it better.  That was good.  We need to be able to do that.  That takes a lot of pressure off the quarterback.  You hear that on Monday Night Football.  You hear that everywhere.  If you can run it, it makes that guy relax and he can start making more plays if he’s not dropping back every snap, especially when you’re young.  So, I thought that was good to complement it for sure.”

On Having Adkins and Powell at the Top of Running Back Depth Chart“They’ll be our one and two guys and then Tony (Jones) …… If we had more plays …… They kept the ball a couple times on us and limited some of our play counts but we had some more things for Tony to do.  Tony will be in the mix also but, the bulk of the mix right now, unless one of them gets nicked up which happens at running back, would be Mike (Adkins) and Christian (Powell) but Tony’s definitely in the mix there and we have some things for Tony to do also.”

On Run Defense“I think we’ve improved in that area.  I really do.  We need to keep improving in that area.  It’s all about run fits.  It’s all about knowing who to fit.  It’s all about containing your gap.  Seeing the back field sets pre-snap is really a big deal. (Linebacker) Addison (Gillam) has done a good job with that being a freshman.  I think (Linebacker) Woodson Greer is getting better and better at fitting that.  Our D-line is getting better at knowing when they’ve got to secure the blocks and different things that we’re doing.  That’s going to be critical this week.  If you cut out of your gap this week you’re in trouble.  That’s what they do. They spread you out and if they can get you cut out of a gap, then he creases it and then he runs through an arm tackle and then he’s on the safety at mid-field.  Not many safeties tackle him the first time.  That’s just the way it is.”

On the Development of Michael Adkins“We felt like Michael was good all along when he first got here.  We saw his explosiveness and speed.  I had watched him when he was a sophomore.  We had a bunch of guys that played at San Jose State that played on his high school team so we were really excited about him.  We just wanted to bring him along.  One thing that helped Michael was the flood, truly, because he got more practice time and he was ready to go.  So, that helped him get ready.  He had a really good time in that off-week, those couple off-weeks there, and really got better and we felt like it was time to play him.  And then, he’s done well.  He’s just got to keep doing well.”

On Ryan Severson’s Big-Play Ability“He’s been really close (to breaking a long run) a couple of times.  I think he’ll break one.  He’s a 10 700 meter kid and I think he ran back nine or 10 in high school.  He had over 2,000 yards rushing last year in high school.  They had a pretty good back field in his back field.  They had him, Byron (Marshall) that plays for Oregon, and the starting tailback at San Jose State.  They all three were in the back field at the same time and they all three are pretty good players.”

On the Possibility of Playing in a Bowl Game at the End of the Season“We don’t really talk about a bowls but they’re at the first time where maybe they could utter it.  We’re three away.  To me that’s good motivation for them to go out and practice.  And to understand what’s at stake and keep focusing, and keep getting better and remembering every little thing matters ….. To push from that ….. I think every college football player aspires to have that happen.  Especially if haven’t ever been to one.  Then you really aspire to have that happen.  I look at it as positive.  With these guys right now, they look at it as motivation to keep helping them to stay positive.  They haven’t really ever had that chance before really.”

On the Added Motivation of Stopping Kadeem Carey after Last Year’s Record Setting Performance vs. CU“If I would’ve been out there playing I would’ve been embarrassed and want to redeem myself for sure.  So, hopefully they play that way.  I think any competitor would.  But, it’s not about being mad and it’s not about being angry.  It’s about doing the right thing, and then when you have the opportunity to hit him it’s about being mad and being angry.  But, you’ve got to do all the other things first.  You can be made and say you want to hit him all you want but if you don’t get in the right spot and play the right angle you’re not going to be able to touch him so, you’re going to be mad the whole rest of the day.  So, we’ve got to make sure we do those things right.”

On Whether Carey’s Performance in the Game Last Year was the Result of Arizona Out-Scheming CU“I wouldn’t really say they out-schemed them.  If that’s the case then he’s out-schemed every team in America because (Carey) has gained yards every game.  He broke a couple big runs.  If he breaks a run I hope he breaks it from the 10 and not inside our 10.  But, I think you just have to play better and understand it.  I think the kids understand what he can do if you’re not in the right spot.  I do think they understand that.”

On Freshmen Dealing with the Pressure of Being a Student-Athlete at the College Level“I feel like they’re doing well with it.  Last week was funny.  Addison (Gillam) had two exams and two papers and said ‘I can’t come to this thing Thursday,’ which was a night meeting that we had.  I said ‘Ok, we’ll make it up.’  Because the academic counselors came to me and he did good.  I got the reports back today and he did good on the test and everything and then he had to go play in the game.   So, Saturday I said ‘How are you doing?’ They’re going through all the rigors of a college student and getting used to it.  All those young men that really want to be successful, they want to be successful in every part of their life and Addison is one of them.  So, I think all those freshmen are going through that and I think they enjoy competing.  I think they enjoy playing so, hopefully they’ll be able to keep moving and progressing forward.”

On Having Patience with Freshmen“You’ve got to have patience with all of them because the whole team is young to me.  So, hopefully they won’t be making the same mistakes two years from now when they’re juniors.  I don’t think they will.”

On Whether the Team’s Tackling is Improving “Well, we’ll see Saturday.  We didn’t tackle as well Saturday, a few times when I thought we should have made some plays, as we had been to be honest with you in some situations.  But we swarmed the ball.  You’ve got to make open-field tackles this week.  You’ve got to make one-on-one tackles in the hole.  And then you’ve got to run to the football at any time with these guys.  We’ll get a steady dose of it to see if we’ve improved.  I feel like we’ve improved especially from the spring practices, I feel like we’ve really improved.”

On the Importance of Having a Big Home Crowd this Saturday “It’s real big. It’s breast cancer awareness Saturday for us.  It’s homecoming so we’re going to do the blackout for cancer. So, that’s very big.  Then, there are a lot of people in the athletic department that have battled cancer and beat it and we have some people that are battling cancer in our athletic department.  Then, we have some people that have been victims of it and it’s really touching a lot of lives.  Saturday, not only the game but what it represents and the emotions of it all the way around not just dealing with football, is a big deal.  So, to have a great crowd there and homecoming for a big Pac-12 game would be inspirational to our players and also to the people that we’re going to represent Saturday for the breast cancer awareness game.”

On the Possibility of Christian Powell Playing Fullback“It depends on …. We have plays for him to do.  It depends on how much we get into those sets.  We have different sets that we want to do at different times.  It depends on what they’re doing defensively too sometimes. You kind of mix and match and say ‘Ok, this is what we’re going to do to this then we have an advantage here.’  So, if an advantage is for him to be in the game in some of those sets ….. But he’s a good fullback.  He’s a good tailback.  He’s a good versatile player.  So, we’re just trying to use him in as many ways as we can if he’s not being the tailback all the time."

On Playing Your Starters Late in One-Sided Games“I had a coach tell me one time that he was getting beat badly by somebody and he got so mad that he ran out on the field and he said ‘Coach, I can’t believe you did that.’  (The other coach) said ‘Wait a minute, you bring the team and see how they play against them.  It’s the players that are on the field playing.’  So, I never have thought anything about any coach playing his starters or not playing his starters at the end of a football game.  It’s our job to play well no matter who’s out there and what they’re doing.  So, I’ve never thought too much about that to be honest with you.  The only thing that I’ve always thought is, late in the game if you had your starting quarterback out there and somebody hits him and he gets hurt , well that’s not real bright I don’t think on my side of it.  Because I would be kicking myself all night long if that happened.”

On Injury Report“(Offensive Lineman) Marc Mustoe broke his ankle so, he’s going to get operated on I think tomorrow or Thursday so, that’s a big loss for us. He was getting better and better and playing in some certain sets for us and helping us on different special teams.  So, hopefully all of that will heel up good and he’ll be able to get back.  That’s the only one we have.  Hopefully (Tight End) Alex Wood will, be back.  I think they’re doing all the testing on him today so hopefully we’ll know.  We’re thinking he’ll be back Saturday but he probably won’t be able to practice till Wednesday.”

On Josh Ford’s Progress after His Off-Season Injury“His ankle is getting better but he’s still not a full go.  He’s doing a few things here and there but he’s still not full go yet.  It just all depends on how he comes back.  To me, the way I see him moving around, I don’t see him coming back in the next couple weeks.  Now he could get better in a week but he’s not moving around as well as I would like to throw him out there at tailback.  I don’t’ want him to re-break it.  Hopefully (he’ll be back this year).”

On How he will Utilize Inactive Freshmen for the Remainder of the Season“We’ve used all of the freshmen we’re going to use at this point unless something absolutely disastrous happens on the offensive line.  We’ve got some preliminary plans but if we get two or three more guys hurt then ….. Hopefully we won’t.  I don’t think we will.  So, we’ll see.”


Quarterback Sefo Liufau

On Evaluating First Career Start“I’d say overall that it was a good start.  I believe I did a really good job of managing the game and taking what the defense gave me.  We had a lot of running plays called because of what they were giving us.  So, we took that this week and I think overall I did a pretty good job this week.”

On Making Audibles at the Line of Scrimmage“We have some checks here and there.”

On Reading Defenses at the College Level Compared to High School“In high school they don’t run as many coverages per say.  They’re not like switching from cover-three to cover-one or cover-eight to cover-three.  At the college level they do a lot more switching mid-play and you have to read it and you have to be able to act on the move.  It’s a lot different from high school.”

On Replicating Sophisticated Defensive Looks in Practice“We can do that in practice.  Our scouts do a really good job of watching game film and doing what the opposing team is doing that week. "

On Throwing the Ball Out of Bounds and Not Forcing Throws“We were going ….. on one play, I think Paul was open on one of the third downs and I got flushed out of the pocket and there was no open throw.  Obviously you want to make the third down and convert and keep the drive alive but, obviously you don’t want to force anything and throw an errant pick so just throwing it out of bounds is partly coach Lindgren and partly myself because I did that a lot in high school if it wasn’t there.”

On the play of the Arizona Secondary“I’ll probably see something on film this week.  So far I just know that they’re good cover guys and that a lot of quarterbacks have forced throws into their coverages.  I just have to keep watching film and try to see what they’re good at …. Each corner and each safety, even their back-ups if they’re in and just get prepared.”

On Advice from Paul Richardson in Going Against the Arizona Secondary which Includes His Cousin, Shaquille Richardson“Paul has given me tips on both corners, not necessarily just his cousin.  But he’s given me tips on both corners and what they’re good at so, we’re communicating very well, me and the receivers.  We plan to do a couple things this week that will help us win.”

On Playing Better Against Pac-12 Opponents“I think we all just want to play better.  It’s not about who we play each week because we know what we’re capable of and we’ve seen, when we go first-team offense against first-team defense in practice, what each side can do.  And we just have to come out against Pac-12 opponents and just let loose.  Coach says ‘Jump in and swim and start playing and just go all out.’  I think if we take what we do in practice and put it into the game I think we’ll do very well.”

On Overcoming the Hurdle of Winning a Pac-12 Game“I think it’s one of the hurdles that we have.  We haven’t been playing especially well in the Pac-12 this year but I know that we can.  It’s just a matter of being consistent like I keep saying.  Last week we were very consistent.  We did all of our protections well ….. Passing, receiving and especially running the ball ….. I think if we do that this week we can have the same result that we did last week.”

On the Importance of This Week’s Matchup“Every game is a big game.  You can’t take any of them lightly even a Charleston Southern team that was very good.  In my eyes, I treat every game like it’s the championship game.  Each game matters like coach says.  You don’t know when you’re last play is, or your last game and so you have to go hard every game and every play.  Every team is really good. Arizona is an extremely good team …. Very fast, very physical ….. You have to be very perfect on all your plays and your assignments so, we have to come out ready to play.”

On the Bowl Implications of Saturday’s Game“I’d say it’s very important.  We all want to go to a bowl.  We know how possible it is if we stay consistent and we take the coaching that we learn and put it out on the field.  We think it’s very possible.”

On the Team Wearing Pink Cleats This Saturday in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness“I don’t think they’re distracting.  I think they’re pretty cool and they have good meaning to them.  I don’t think they’re distracting at all though.”

On Whether Pink is Becoming the New Black“Yeah I guess so shoe-wise.  I don’t know what other guys are doing, maybe pink gloves, but just pink cleats for me.”