Utah women's hoops fights crime, too

Dhon Santos/Santos Photography

SAN FRANCISCO – Utah men’s basketball coach Larry Krystkowiak made national headlines earlier in the fall when he helped bring two thieves to justice on campus. As heroic as he might have been, Krystkowiak had some help not only from a couple of student managers, but from a hooper on the women’s team as well.

Senior Michelle Plouffe was getting some shots up at the gym late one night when she noticed a suspicious-looking dude chillin’ like a villain, snooping around the athletic offices.

“I was with another player, so we asked him some questions,” Plouffe said Thursday at Pac-12 Women's Basketball Media Day at Pac-12 Studios. “He ended up stringing a bunch of lies together, so we let the men’s team know.”

Apprehension later followed, at least partly in thanks to the two-time Associated Press All-American honorable mention.

“We’re starting our own men’s basketball and women’s basketball neighborhood watch,” Utah head coach Anthony Levrets quipped, nominating Plouffe to be the leader of the chapter.

All this talk of thieves in the 801… “You’re making Salt Lake City sound like this place of crime!” Levrets joked.