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Oregon dons camo basketball uniforms for Armed Forces Classic

Nov 8, 2013

On Saturday (Friday night back here in the States), the Ducks and Georgetown Hoyas kicked off their seasons with a very special tribute to our country's troops. The biggest and most noticable change in the Armed Forces Classic was the setting: Camp Humphreys near Pyeongtaek, South Korea. Both programs tipped off their 2013-14 campaigns in front of 2,200 servicemembers and their families.

While this setting was unique compared to all other games that made up a full slate of opening night action, the teams' uniforms were reflective of the special occasion. Take a look:

The theme of the game was honoring the Armed Forces and both teams certainly dressed the part. Some of the Ducks players on their bench were just a tad harder to spot against the background of a uniformed crowd thanks to their camoflage duds. Here's a closer look:

Love 'em or hate 'em, they were definitely hard to miss, which is ironic given their stealthy purpose for the military. In place of the Ducks players' last names, "U.S.A." was sewn onto the back of each jersey. The game-worn garb is slated to be donated to various military members, while the players will receive new versions of the camo gear to commemorate the event.

 Even Dana Altman and Oregon's coach staff got into the act.

And while the visual appeal maybe up for debate, the unorthodox jerseys got the job done. The Ducks downed the Hoyas 82-75.