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Stanford seniors in unique class as BCS era comes to an end

Dec 31, 2013

For Stanford’s departing seniors, Wednesday’s Rose Bowl game presented by Vizio will be a milestone that only a select group of college football players have achieved in the BCS era, as this group of Stanford players will have played in a BCS bowl in each year that they played, not including redshirt years.

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The feat might seem like it is simply be a testament to Stanford as a program, but it might be an even bigger testament to the Pac-12 as a conference, as this is the third time that a Pac-12 school has gone to four or more straight BCS bowls. USC previously accomplished the feat by going to seven straight (2003-2009) and Oregon four straight (2009-2012). Teams from other conferences have done the same only twice during the BCS era – which comes to end after the 2013-14 bowl season – with Miami going for four straight from 2001-04 and Ohio State getting six straight from 2006-11.

Along with wrapping up the Pac-12’s performance in BCS bowls during the BCS era on a high note, a Stanford victory over Michigan State in the Rose Bowl would also boost the conference’s record in BCS bowl games to an impressive 14-7, and give the conference its third straight win in the Rose Bowl and seven out of the past eight that the conference has played in. On top of that, a Stanford win would also mean the conference’s historical success would be punctuated with a 7-2 bowl record in the final year of the BCS.