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Kelly's Chronicles: A Cal Women's Water Polo Blog

Jan 21, 2014

The team had an exciting past week that ended with our first road trip to UC Davis. Travelling is always a blast and a great time for team bonding. The Vowell family treated us to a barbeque lunch after the game on Saturday.  It was a great chance for the team to refuel after playing, and a chance to hang out with some of our family and friends who came out to Davis to support the team. Thanks for the delicious spread and amazing company!

Now, I would like to briefly introduce some more of our new players. Here is “Introducing the Freshmen, Part 2."

I briefly mentioned Anna Illes last week. She is one of our two new players from Hungary. Anna, or as we call her, Nusi, is a "How I Met Your Mother" fan. In the fall, two of our girls competed in Tough Mudder, which is a very tough obstacle course. They were pretty sore the next day at practice and Nusi compared their situation to one episode where a character, Barney, runs a marathon. Barney is so sore after the run that he is unable to walk. As we watched our teammates hobble around, we were sympathetic, but Nusi had made the perfect comparison to how they were feeling and had everyone laughing!

Kelsey Roland is one of our two goalkeepers in the freshmen class. She is extremely witty. Kelsey always has something to say (in a good way!) and comes up with some of the best retorts that always have the team laughing. Kelsey is also very competitive. In the fall, we would have relay races in weights and she would always dominate in them. A word of advice, if you ever find yourself picking teams, it is a very good idea to have this girl on your side!

The last freshman I am going to introduce this week is Emily Loughlin. I first met Emily in Kazan, Russia at the World University Games. Emily is a powerhouse. As a center defender, I am often matched up with her when we scrimmage in practice. As the year has progressed, she has become stronger, making my job very tough. I thought that Emily was strong in Russia, so you can only imagine how much she has grown as a player since coming to Cal. Emily is also one of the team’s DJs. She is often playing music in the locker room to help get us ready for practice!