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Mondays With Miles - Back in Action

Jan 21, 2014

Count it! The first practice of 2014 is in the books! We met first as a team to hand out calendars, and to talk about goals and staying healthy. We talked about our “one day better” mentality and how important it would be this year to start strong and get stronger with every game. In what was perhaps our quickest goal setting meeting ever, we unanimously decided in about four seconds what this years’ goals were - win the conference. That made me happy. In the past, we’ve spent a lot of time talking and not enough time doing. Today, we got right to the “doing.”

After the quick team meeting, the Bears hit the field with a ton of energy and excitement. Most of our East Coasters were soaking up the sun and shedding layers having just escaped the polar vortex. It was nice to see sticks relatively sharp and a high level of intensity for the full practice. We did a lot of full-field and getting reaccustomed to playing in Memorial Stadium. Of course it wasn’t the prettiest practice of 2014, but it’s a darn good start.

I am happy to say the foundation from the fall is still solid, and now it’s time to start building the house. Stay tuned for a recap of the first week and a forecast to the Stanford Play Day in less than two weeks (Feb 2)!