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The week in social media photos: Jan. 21-27

Jan 27, 2014

If you're a loyal follower of our social media photo posts, you know I have a fascination with weather and a tendency to gloat about what we're working with over here on the West Coast. Well, this week I sort of blow out that tendency with some sweet pics from across the west to show off sunshine, grass, swimming, running and more. The week:

The great Ernie Banks once said, "It's a great day for a ball game. Let's
play two!" This is just practice, but it's awesome.

Cal filled the outdoor house to watch these powerhouses swim off.

In Corvallis they upped the practice ante and made it a competition.

Tennis wrapped in Australia at the Aussie Open as it just gets started in the desert.

I've never been to Sunken Diamond, but I hear only the greatest things. Beautiful.

Sweet aerial shot of the Bruins' house of running.

I'm not entirely sure what the weather in Pullman was like, but this seems
like it's just fine for the Cougar tennis team.


OK, we deviate from the warm-weather theme, but how sweet is that
view and the phrase "crushing some Gs?"

Great question here, Dawgs. Even better photo.

Pre won multiple national titles with the Ducks. His legend lives on.

Is this picture great or just fantastic? Incredible?

In the words of the afore-pictured Bill Walton, “Throw it down, big man!”