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Mad Dog's Blog: From the Olympic Training Center

Feb 24, 2014

     Sunday was our last day in Colorado Springs. Although we had a lot of fun exploring the Olympic Training Center, meeting new people, and playing some good volleyball, we are happy to be back in Berkeley and ready to take what we learned and use it to help our team. 

     My session began at 7:30 a.m., so naturally I strolled into the gym looking really bad. But it’s OK because my mom always told me that inner beauty is what matters most. Just kidding. She never said that.

     Anyway, Sunday was the best session by far because it was set up like a mini-tournament. So we got to be totally competitive the whole time, as opposed to the other days where we mostly just did drills. I hadn’t yet met the girls on my “team,”so it was nice to be able to play with all new people from different schools and backgrounds. My team consisted of girls from all over, including Arizona State, University of Georgia, James Madison, Ohio State, and Seton Hall, to name a few. It’s always a fun challenge playing with completely new people, and this was no different. This was especially true for me because there were three liberos on my team, so we all switched off playing middle back, while I am used to playing left back. I did my best to learn the position, but it was a lot harder than I thought it would be!

     The session went by pretty quickly, and afterward I went with my UCLA friends to eat some breakfast and just hang out in the dining hall. As I’ve said before, the OTC has really good food, and on Sundays they serve a special brunch so it was especially delicious. I feel like in these blog entries I’ve talked more about food than volleyball, so for that I apologize. Anyway, around Noon we hopped on a shuttle to the airport, and then things got interesting…

     Alyssa and I have learned that it is impossible for us to travel together without having some sort of mishap, so we were not exactly surprised when our shuttle to the airport basically broke down or ran out of gas or who knows what, and we had to coast at around 15 mph the entire way to the airport. Cars were zooming past us and honking, and Alyssa and I were convinced we were not going to make it to the airport on time and we would have to reschedule our flights and probably not even make it home until next week or something. However, the travel Gods were in our favor and we made it without even having to stop and call AAA. It took about twice the amount of time it should have taken for us to get there, but we made it in one piece. I probably made it sound a little more dramatic than it was, but it makes this post way more interesting.

     The best part about today was that Alyssa and I made it home ON TIME!  We truly did not believe it to be possible. We are very grateful for our experience at the OTC and are very excited to get back in the gym with our team and prepare for next season!